I created an app to help prevent people from being scammed

Hey guys, I’m as frustrated as everyone else due to the many reports of people being scammed of their ADA (whether by youtube video, email scam, discord or otherwise).

So I’ve decided to build a tool to search and report scammer addresses. I made it blockchain agnostic, so that you can report an address on Cardano or on other blockchains.

If there is any demand for a product like this, my team will build an api interface for businesses, law enforcement and others to use to reference our database of malicious addresses.

Here is a link to the app:

We are starting to build up the database now. If anyone would like to sign up and even report 1 scammer address, that will be super helpful. (We created a registration/signup to help prevent bots and other people from reporting bogus data.)

Hopefully we can build a resource that is free to use for the general public to reference and help make blockchain ecosystems safer.

P.S. Yes, it is quick for scammers to generate new addresses, but this will serve as a tool to hamper scammers that try to do a video on Youtube or an email campaign that post 1 address for everyone to transfer their money to.

P.P.S. If you have feedback on how we can improve this, I’m all ears.

P.P.P.S. - If anyone is good at marketing and would like to help spread the word, then please PM me.


Great work and initiative @nmcwilli ! Some ideas/proposals below.

This tool has a massive massive potential to become used by millions of people and companies! Similar to verifying the company’s credit ratings, security protocols, email addresses, phone numbers, etc. you could even turn it into a crypto project with a growing community on itself where I, as a user, earn crypto to report scammy addresses. Just an idea.

I care about this problem. This is like a real, legit, crypto “witch hunt” where we all hunt for evil dark witches and vampires who are harming our crypto ecosystem :slight_smile:

  1. Improve the copy on the https://scanblocks.io to better communicate the value proposition of this tool.

Why should I scan the address? What does this tool help me to do? When exactly is the best time to use this tool?

Example: “ScanBlocks - Check any crypto address if it’s from, or used by a scammer. Use this tool to check and verify any crypto address BEFORE you send any funds to it”

  1. If you rely on people reporting scammer addresses, mention this clearly on the home page.
    “Stumbled upon a scammer? Report their address. Help us catch scammers. Help us minimize crypto scams and phishing.”

  2. Browser extension: As a user, I’d want to install a “ScanBlocks” Chrome extension that automatically finds and checks crypto addresses on the page, and highlights/marks accordingly (e.g. legit, scammer, etc) directly on the page. This way I don’t have to open a new tab, copy/paste the address into your text field on your home page. Think Grammarly or any other spell checker extension, but checking the crypto addresses.

If I can help you guys in any way, let me know. I’m here.

Hope this helps in any way, K


Thanks very much @Klemen.Struc and others that have PM’d me.

I have implemented some of your suggestions @Klemen.Struc because I think they are good ones. We have made the value proposition clearer on the landing page, indicated that we depend on support from the community to report addresses (and added a blurb about that on the homepage). We also added a notice to show the user how many addresses are currently in our database.

The browser extension is a great idea! We will look into that.

In regards to a comment that was PM’d to me, I will be chatting with some software engineers from google as well to determine if it’s possible to somehow scan/search titles and descriptions of these scammer videos.


Great initiative, a question, how do you verify legit scammers?

Great question. Currently we will rely on reports from the community and it can be used as a tool to reference if there are any flags/reports against a certain address. It will show you the number of flags/reports that users have submitted.

As the data source grows, we will add a risk rating based on a probability that the address is a scammer/fraudster/malicious actor, etc. The more reports against a certain address, the greater the risk.

There will always be risk for false positives, so we will provide a mechanism/process for submitting a dispute. For example, if you feel that your address has been incorrectly flagged/reported.

Other than that, I can see some integration with law enforcement eventually and other businesses that may find value in scanning our dataset. Even wallet providers for example, to allow a security warning mechanism layer before funds transfer.


I guess there must be a form or something where the reporter make clear why that Address seems / is malicious. Just think about a seller on CNFT.io doesn’t send the CNFT and the buyer gets angry providing the Address to your Platform.
But in general something really needed in our environment!

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Great points @Alexander1

We have decided to add to the report form a “Reason for report” field.

And then on the search results, we will show this to the searcher. That will give the searcher a better sense of the report reason.

Sounds great I am looking forward to it :+1:

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We have now added a “reason for report” option into the reporting form. Thanks for the suggestion!

We have decided to make the reporting functionality public as some users have complained about having to sign up. Fair enough. We want to make it accessible and easy for everyone to report addresses, while at the same time flag why the address was reported.

We will keep the signup functionality for users that want to manage/remove addresses they have submitted, and also for users that would like to eventually get API access to our data source.

Our team will also plan to work on an Extension for Google Chrome in the very near future. Stay tuned!

Happy to report that the Google Chrome Extension for ScanBlocks is now live!

You can download the extension here: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/scanblocksio/lhfdcimeglabmigcifnhkjkehgagnhnj/

Thanks for this suggestion @Klemen.Struc

It allows quick and easy access to ScanBlocks to search and submit addresses, rather than having to open a separate tab every time and browse to the ScanBlocks website. You can also authenticate with your account and manage any reported addresses you’ve submitted.

Future: We hope to continue to improve it in further iterations to automatically find and check crypto addresses on the active tab, but we’re trying to sort out how to do this reliably, given different regex/etc for each cryptocurrency address type we’re supporting.

Exciting development!

We’ve been able to configure our Google Chrome Extension (in next release v1.1) to automatically discover/pickup the following types of addresses on your active tab (and then you can just click on it to view if there are any reports/flags against it):

  • Cardano
  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Dogecoin
  • Litecoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Monero
  • Dash
  • Ripple
  • Neo

We are just waiting for Google to approve the release (new: v1.1 current: v1.0) and it should be live shortly.

Great work!! I look forward to supporting this project

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man this is nice work to trying to protect us from thiefs.a lot of hours has been put in to the app making charles & team must send you some ada​:wink::joy::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: keep up your nice big efforts of protecting your ada family

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Hey @Salem and @BassGuitar thanks for your kind words and support.

I’m happy to provide a quick update and say that we’ve recently launched a REST API so that providers can now programmatically interface with our dataset.

This opens up new doors and we are currently working on integrations with a few service providers that are embedded in popular transaction process chains (and even potentially reversing transactions) should a wallet address be detected as a scammer, phisher, hacker, etc.

We are excited about the progress and just want to sincerely thank anyone from the Cardano community that has helped us along the way.


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Love this! Will definitely talk to my developer about using this in our site.
I have an intriguing idea that this database would be great for. I want to track scammers addresses to their withdrawal points so we can unmask them in real life (I feel like the majority of scams are perpetrated by a small group of people) and this will be a great resource to do that).