I dont understand CUSDT from CBTCBridge.com

“The first launched USDT stable coin on Cardano. Brought to you by CBTCBridge.com. Important: This pair is ADA/CUSDT! The price is inverted in comparison to the more common CUSDT/ADA pair. A token price of 1.5 CUSDT per 1 ADA corresponds to 1/1.5 = 0.66 ADA per 1 CUSDT.” => It means the Price of CUSDT will stay stable in relation to ADA but not to US-Dollar like USDC (Coinbase) or USDT ( Tether) right?

No, it just means that the exchange rate is given in the less usual direction.

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Thank you for your answer. But again: Dose The price of CUSDT stay the same as US dollar or not ?
Thanks in advance

https://cbtcbridge.com/ says they are just a bridge. So, the price of CUSDT will be bound to the US dollar, as much as the price of USDT is. CUSDT are USDT for that matter.

Given the criticisms of USDT (Tether (cryptocurrency) - Wikipedia), I would never endorse USDT and therefore also not CUSDT.

This CBTC thing does not look like a total scam, but I don’t know them and haven’t audited them.

Just judging by their public information on what they are doing.