I Got Scammed on fake ledger suppport for 9000 ADA

This guy on the right scammed me for 9000 ADA

If anybody out there can help me get this guy or at least get the ADA back I will reward you. Im feeling hopeless now. If there is anybody out there in the community that can help I will be forever thankful

Thats a complet fresh wallet without any transactions so far. So there is absolutly no chance to find this person right now.

The only thing you could do is, monitor that address and wait until he moves it to a CEX. After that, you could reach out to the CEX-support and they might freeze his funds there if you are quickly enough and have enough proofs.

However i doubt that they are going to react fast enough with this amount of money involved.

So probably the best thing you could do, make a report at your local authorities and get over your loose.

How canb I monitor the adress? This guy scammed a bunch of people.
Can you explain how I monitor his adress and how I know e moves it into an CEX?Transaction 8a1231062106798fd7d00186a413f73051e952cf3b92128651a8e72d6d9b46c9 - Cardanoscan

You would have to keep an eye on this address here : Address addr1q9gxsgh3je9q6c4l69ldp38guwu0w600pkpu55f9pgau8e3ys7q7u6n4vpne5hpjzkhpl63p276cjhm5ms6t66y8hh8s636w2x - Cardanoscan

and as soon as he moves these funds to a CEX (these addresses usally starts with DdzFF or Ae2), you would have to find out which CEX belongs to that address and then contact them.

Why shoud a scammer be so stupid to send it directly from the scammer-address to a cex after he was so successful in scamming? Thats only a good hope but in reality they just use dexes and decentralized exchanges and in the last chain of washing they will send some other coins than ada from other chains to a cex.

Hopes are incredibly slim, right. I very much try to say that in every answer to scam victims.

But: We often see scammers sending the ADA to CEXes after going through two or three of their wallets. Still hard enough to find out, which CEX it is, how to contact them, hope that they are cooperative. And then, the scammers could still have used a hacked CEX account, one with a faked identity (if the CEX is not thorough enough checking), or simply be in a jurisdiction where they can’t be reached.

Never seen scam proceedings washed through a DEX or through a bridge.

It’s actually harder now. Binance for one, already stopped using these pre-Shelley addresses a while back. They’re now using newly-generated addr1xxx addresses.

But good luck though. Hope we can soon come up with better ways to recover stolen funds like this.

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Very skeptical if that will ever be the case.

A lot in crpto see non-censorability and pseudonymity as essential features, as reasons why this all is done at all. We only have a (tiny) chance to mayhaps get scammers at the CEXes because they do not really embody the ideals.

Yes, I’m all for non-censorability and anonymity also. I wouldn’t want to sacrifice these features for a solution to recover stolen funds. What I’m hoping for are solutions that don’t have to trade away those essential features.