I Hate Giving To Charity

I suffer from the notion that most charities are not trustworthy.
I don’t even know where I first heard this.
But I have heard it so many times that I have come to believe it.

I trust Charles however, and he appeared on the Africa special which made it clear that Cardano is working with Save the Children.
So there is - Save the Children is trustworthy.

Then with the help of this forum I found the GROW stake pool.
They give 100% of staking rewards to Save the Children.
This is a completely painless way to help children.
The value of ADA is going up so fast that staking rewards make almost no difference to me.
But the difference can be life or death for a child.

Here is their website: https://growpools.io/
The ticker is GROW.
The staking address is as follows:

It was so easy to change my stake pool to GROW
The directions are found at the following video.

Other mission driven pools are listed here:

This was so easy, and so painless.
There was simply no reason not to do it.
Thanks Cardano for making it so easy to help.