I try send my Ada to my Daedalus Mainnet

I send my 7038 from BitKub App to Daedalus 2.0 17hours ago. It’s show “Processing” but still now I don’t get any ADA in Daedalus wallet yet. I think it too long time now. So what I should do now?

I worry I lost all my ADA

My TXN id. ADAWD0000531640

Thank u and sorry for my poor English :disappointed:

Hi Tanya, welcome to the forum, and sorry you’re having this hassle and worry!

You need to speak to the exchange about this, it’s probably just due to software and protocol upgrades, but they should be able to help anyway.

Thank u for your answer.

I contact with my exchange and they said will contact me back Soon but I still waiting for long time.:disappointed_relieved:

Yes, you might just have to be patient. I hadn’t heard of them before but they seem to be a reputable company (official partner of Ripple).

Yes. I think I can do now is just wait​:disappointed::disappointed: