I want like more active marketing


I’m worried about the so very very relaxed ADA coin.
To lose the partnership position.
See ripple. (Twitter, partnership announcement)
ADA coin so veryvery honest is not good either.
coin development is good, but add more marketing.
(Twitter, announce partnership)
Looking forward to 2018.
Of course I appreciate the yield so far.
Ripple is likely to first place.
I want Cardano ada coin first place.

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I’m not worried. I look at Cardano as a marathon runner and other coins as sprinters. Because it is solving fundamental problems in cryptocurrencies, it will win in the long run. Technical issues will pile up in other coins because it is harder to fix a fundamental flaw in software design–especially if it is already out in production. If I understand how Charles has been describing the process in his interviews, they are mostly using CMMi (used by NASA and developed by Carnegie Mellon University). This is the reason why I believe in the project. I’d rather entrust my money in a team who’s meticulous about testing than a team who rushes just to get a product out and meet deadlines. It will be harder to market a product with a track record of losing millions of dollars because of a bug and the only recourse is a hard fork.


And by the way, Charles mentioned that there could be a benefit for the existence of Ripple. Cardano does not have to interface directly with financial institutions, instead it can use Ripple as a mediator. A good example of symbiosis. Does not have to be competitors where one’s value deminishes with the other’s success. I think that’s the goal for interoperability.


@Kimsb9513 I link below the existing thread for Cardano marketing efforts. Maybe you have an idea that you want to suggest. :wink:



You know what the best marketing in the world is? Having a phenomenal product :slight_smile: Cardano is the only 3.0 crypto around that is doing this level of coding perfection and building everything from the ground up themselves.
I understand your concern that competitors may have a jump start but that jump start is from re-using older code…probably 90% or higher of all coins right now are forks off of bitcoin code and them modified.
So like Javaronin noted, Ada is a marathon runner that’s getting things right rather than trying to win the first lap.
I think Cardano will be the Windows platform of the blockchain in the near future and once product really matures this year there will be plenty of partnerships as ICO’s etc migrate to the Cardano platform as it shows off superior scalability and robustness vs any other blockchain platform.


Look at the minor problems with binance withdrawals, and people complaining about slow linking with Daedalus. Cardano is still in development and not yet ready for mass adoption. If to many people use it to fast, it is more likely to cause problems as they test out the scaling of the system. The team is aiming for slow and steady growth, according to the roadmap, for good reason. When they have a good working product, then they will market it. For now be happy to purchase more cheap coins, and then when the masses buy in you are better off for it.


Well said XZact. Rear Admiral Meyer’s philosophy of “Build a Little, Test a Little, Learn a Lot” drove the testing and milestones of the Aegis Combat System. It’s currently used by US Navy vessels as well as allies. If Cardano lives by this philosophy, they will do well. It is difficult to keep a balance across long periods of time, but if they can do it, under good, decent leadership, the payoff will be enormous.


Thank you all.
I am a South Korean.
Now the South Korea government and news are criticize every day about cryptocurrency.
So I was just anxious.
Everyone is good. Thank you.
I love Cardano.