Identity reporting proposal for transfers over $1000

No thanks :slight_smile:


The authorities should concentrate on catching the criminals after a crime has been proven to have been committed, and not to treating everyone like a criminal and violating everyone’s most basic right to privacy. Privacy is the most basic requirement to maintaining freedom, and cannot be separated from the right to hold property, which is the product of one’s choices and labours. Arbitrarily taking someone’s property is tantamount to stealing his labour and is equivalent to practising chattel slavery. In spite of it’s sanitised appearance, it is not different than whipping a person until he directly does the labour that is demanded of him. The information that a person has can be seen as a product of his free will and the labour he used to pursue is choice. Bottom line: Hands off ! ! !


Trans radical activists say that “deadnaming” somebody – calling them by their pre-transition name – is the same as killing them. Right and left are amusingly similar sometimes. :smile:

(All extremists say matters of degree don’t matter, all that does is the principle.)