Idiot knocking ADA

This guy is heavily invested in STELLAR and ETH and is trying to bad-mouth ADA… pretty pathetic.

He admits to only having watched Charles for 2 hours!! That is all he knows about ADA.


Yes, I have responded to some of his comments in the last few days…I debunked his obvious lies…he actually had the audacity to put in writing that decentralization for ADA will not occur for another 18 months !!


Im not sure he’s an idiot.

A) He gets allot of views and has allot of subsrcibers
B) He is clearly, and transparently, invested in other projects
C) Even if he secretly likes ADA then fuding it at this point doesnt hurt him

The most likely is A

He is not, I stated that in one of my comments, he is just spreading misinformation because he sees Cardano as a threat to the cryptos he owns and pumps…I would respect people’s opinion (and disagree with others), but when I see someone actually writing down LIES to mislead people, I feel a need to call them out…


I think his position is him, and getting attention from the strong ADA user base. He’s a button pusher.


He seems to be a straight shooter and outlined his thoughts. I could not detect something malicious about it.

I wish the Ethereum team would be a little bit better in quality assurance with their “Ethereum Wallet”. I would have saved me a lot of my time.

I like Cardano. However, I would like them more, if they would release a Linux binary for Daedalus.

damm straight

straight shooter…he says cardano wont be decentralized for 18 months. clearly if he is a straight shooter he didnt even bother to check the roadmap before making a video disparaging the project. When I called him on it he said oh they must have changed the roadmap…straight shooter…levine PFFF…


He wrote this down several times :

  • ADA is years behind. ADA won’t even be launched decentralized for 18 months (according to their own roadmap) …

Even after being corrected and pointed to the roadmap (clearly showing his statements are misinformation, He STILL doubles down on the FUD and does not admit a mistake or that he is wrong)… then it is time to suspect the intentions are not “honest”…and there may be something “malicious”


This is the first ADA bashing vid he made
He admits only having listened to Charles for 2 hours.

You guys can think what you want - I am convinced that this guy is total MORON. He knows how to present his vids and ideas as if he has some kind of cohesive thought process but that is all total illusion. He is simply a selfish, selfserving, arrogant MOFO. Nothing more.


According to him, he did check it, and according to him, the road map says 18 months…
I posted the link to the road map and actually quoted the road map (decentralization 2Q-3Q 2018) and he still doubled down on ADA won’t be decentralized for 18 months…:roll_eyes:…a straight shooter alright…of FUD and misinformation

He spent over 20 years selling “adult toys” . Maybe he should stick to what he knows best :wink: He may not be malicious , but he obviously wants YouTube hits , and this crap gives it to him.


I did not mean that what he says is true, but he seems to be straight about his personal opinions, which might be moronic from “our” side.

I disagree with several points.

He is so smart, that he claims Ethereum has been recognized as currency by the US government…do not believe me?..moronic from our side?..MORONIC FROM ALL SIDES…look at this:

This guy is hard to watch. In some of his other videos he has no idea what he is attempting to explain.

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Total moron. Complete and utter clown.

Americans are so bold, they will put their face out there and make a fool of themselves for the whole world to watch.

I don’t want to offend our many American friends, but it’s certainly a fact that this is the impression that many, many Europeans have.

It’s like, the more they big themselves up, the smaller they seem.

Of course in reality it’s just a minority, but at times it seems an awfully prominent minority.

I’d guess the proportion of such people is probably the same in the US as everywhere else, but it seems in the US they’re more likely to get away with it, and be more successful.

Wouldn’t it be funny if somebody changed the topic to Idiots knocking the US! :rofl:


As an American, I’d only request the qualifier ‘Some’… :wink:


The point is not that he is American… he is something else, but I am not going to mention it because it is too politically “incorrect” >


youtubers do anything for views… they can say the opposite tomorrow.
and many are paid to say something. just ignore it lol

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