I'm Chen Po Wei and I'm glad to meet everyone

I’m Chen Po Wei, from Taiwan, and I’m glad to meet everyone
I started studying bitcoin in 2014.
I am currently a master student at Peking University.
I am committed to finding the bitcoin operations deficiencies and improvements
Interested in cryptography, cybernetics

Would like to ask
My mother tongue is Chinese. I do not know if this forum will have the chance to open a forum in Chinese in the near future.

Hello and welcome @EthereumD :slight_smile:

We are looking at a Chinese sub-forum in the future… watch this space!

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Great, really good news.

Nice to meet you @tansu2
I am looking forward to having a Chinese language forum in the future.
I have already seen that the relevant website has been organized in China. For example: cardanofans.
But the page seems a bit simple, there are some text encoding problems.