Imagine Decentralized Enterprise Business Services

You have an idea:

Present it to the community. Let them decide if itโ€™s worth pursuing and allow them to offer suggestions for changes and enhancements. If the community agrees to move forward with it:

Recruit the necessary talent from the community to develop the idea.

Develop goals, project plans, a steering committee and project teams within the community.

Fund flexible design centers, fabrication facilities, test facilities, and distribution centers, all managed by community assigned teams.

Assign sales and operations management to teams recruited by the community.


Develop data management and analytics to enhance design, sales, and operations, as well as managing business logistics.

Develop a web market place to sell products and services managed by teams recruited by the community.

Ideas/Enterprises can be tokenized on the Cardano platform for funding and participation.


Can we transform the way the world does business?

Should we start small and focused (like Amazon in the 1990s)?


Hypothetical enterprises that might be developed to facilitate decentralized business:

Nile Online Market Place - Decentralized Amazon or Alibaba,

Ausgezeichnet Independent Distribution Services - Uber-like delivery service,

Coyoteconn Fabrication Operations - Decentralized contract manufacturing.

Ideas? Suggestions?