IN/OUT Relay and Producer


somehow I am not quite clear what belongs where.

Should the producer be displayed as in or out and what is in and what is out or where is in and where is out entered?
At env the port is entered at Relay and at the Producer?
At topology.json is the relay entered at the producer and at the producer the relay or only at the producer the producer and at the relay nothing because there is no production?
With the producer the firewall is closed and only the IP with the relay and the port is allowed, with the relay several ports are allowed otherwise the relay cannot communicate with others so 3001 and 6000 e.g. ?

And another question is it ok to communicate with a third party device?

Thank you very much somehow well I’m not quite clear from the instructions or it is everywhere a bit different comes to me.

Picture from Relay


From Producer


it’s fine, the glive shows OUT for IN and IN for OUT :slight_smile:

Thanks Alex then I believe you and trust .-)

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The bottom half is showing you the remote servers that have contacted your server to share information with. When the remote server first contacts your server, it does so on port 4500. That is the port you setup. But, once your server and the remote server agree to talk, your server then tells the remote server ‘we can talk, but lets do so on port 39123 so no one else can hear us’. it’s how all networking works.