In the interests of adoption would it not be

Hi, not screaming or giving out at anyone because this issue is probably on the roadmap to be addressed but would it not be a idea at this stage to get the links and GUI graphics/buttons for the Yoroi Firefox extension up on the Yoroi homepage in the interest of Firefox desktop users who don’t have access to smart phones or access to chromium based browsers?


I know Sebastien went over a lot of updates that would go into Yoroi including Firefox support here is the link.
I think it’s around 19or 20 min. Into it. Maybe what your looking for will be in the next update?


@Wayne_Morgan, so I checked out that YT vid you posted and unfortunately I don’t think my issue was discussed as it’s probably on the bottom list of things to be done. Sebastian really doesn’t handles the Yoroi website itself I gather, it’s more the Yoroi application he manages under Emurgo. I’m sure someone will be in the know within this community who’ll be able to forward the issue to the web dev involved.

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Got it. So this link is missing.

We just need someone from Emurgo to put a hyperlink to it on the home page.
Good catch. I follow them on Twitter maybe someone will reply.


This is indeed a very good suggestion and I don’t see why it is not linked on the website.

It should be linked there to show users that the link is legit.

@SebastienGllmt is usually very responsive, I’m tagging him and maybe he can forward this to the right people.


Updating the website has been in the backlog for a while.