Inaccurate Balance from Daedalus Byron to Shelly 2.1.0

I just downloaded the new Daedalus Mainnet 2.1.0 where I have four Byron wallets in it that are still syncing. I was shock to see that the balance on my other 2 wallets has more the 10x ADA I originally have while the other 2 has less ADA in it. Is this an error? or the original balance will show up after the syncing is complete.

It needs to finish syncing for the information to be correct.

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You really need to see 100% in the sync. Then you’ll see.

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@LAWRENCE.F8 The above are right, I had the same issue. I thought someone magically gave me some Ada during the sync process. Just wait until its fully sync.

Lawrence, I’ve had the same issue, but the responses to your query (in my case) are incorrect. Even after synching 100% complete, all my ADA are gone. Is your balance now correct?