Increase threshold percentage that avoids reaching the maximum number of signed blocks by the same delegate?

I am deploying a Cardano testnet network from scratch.
I am starting on Byron and then performing the updates to Alonzo. I tried to start directly on Alonzo but since the parameters to indicate the starting directly on certain era are called Test... I assume they are for testing purposes only.

I am facing an issue that, even though the network updates run properly, at some point all the new block forges fail.
The error is PBftCannotForgeThresholdExceeded which reading the Ouroboros documentation seems to happen because the number of nodes I am running is so small that all of them overcome the threshold for the maximum number of blocks signed by the same delegate per window. ref.

So, I tried adding more nodes, which seemed to work fine at the beginning, but after some time the same error appeared.
I guess there is either a way to configure that threshold or a minimum number of nodes to avoid that. I think there must be a number of nodes that avoids all of them signing the maximum number of blocks in the window.

Also, since all the nodes stop signing blocks, after some time all the nodes are so far from the slot that they are unable to recover, producing TraceNoLedgerView.

Did anyone face this before? I think just changing the threshold or knowing how to calculate the minimum number of nodes should be enough, but correct me if I am wrong.

Thanks in advance!

Replying to myself, in case anyone hits this. I have been reading the Cardano node code, and the parameter PBftSignatureThreshold seems to configure what I was looking for.