Innovate Banking System through Homeloans

OTS – Over the System

Benefit & Empower Land & Home Owners! Integrating Assets and Debt into the Blockchain keeping money in the hands of the people who own it, so they can benefit from there hard work. Digitize Real World Assets and Debt into the blockchain. Purchasing others debt entitles you to monthly payments. Also digitizing your houses value will enable you redraw on your home whenever you decide you need to. This is about empowering everyone

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This token will be used as a Mortgage token for your everyday person. A traditional bank loans out money you have in your savings and collects interest on that. This is exactly the same thing except this has no man in the middle.
This token will also be a good hedge against fiat as it will be backed by real world assets


Convincing people this isn’t a scam coin, or a ponzi scheme.

Opening Real Banks all over the world.

A fair way to distribute tokens before launch.


Desired Outcome Bank owned by the People

Blocking problem Governments, Existing Banking System, Belief Systems, Skepticism

Costs of the problem War, Shitty Goverments, Rich get Richer, Poor get Poorer


The Great Depression began after the stock market crash of October 1929, which sent Wall Street into a panic and wiped out millions of investors. Over the next several years, consumer spending and investment dropped, causing steep declines in industrial output and employment as failing companies laid off workers.

The financial crisis of 2007–2008, also known as the global financial crisis (GFC), was a severe worldwide economic crisis. Prior to the COVID-19 recession in 2020, it was considered by many economists to have been the most serious financial crisis since the Great Depression. Predatory lending targeting low-income homebuyers,[1] excessive risk-taking by global financial institutions,[2] and the bursting of the United States housing bubble culminated in a “perfect storm”. Mortgage-backed securities (MBS) tied to American real estate, as well as a vast web of derivatives linked to those MBS, collapsed in value. Financial institutions worldwide suffered severe damage,[3] reaching a climax with the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers on September 15, 2008, and a subsequent international banking crisis.[4]

Now currently we have covid. The pople who run these systems dont care about you even if you’re an investor or if you have your money with the bank. They will use that money against you for there own benefit as we have seen

Banks are currently a capitalist machine. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing. But it is when the poeople in charge are giving themselves $10,000,000s in bonuses every year. While people are straving and homeless something has to change.

Example solution statement
Teach/Show everyone how we can create a better banking system that works for everyone and not just the 1%.

Second we create a new community token, offer an initial ICO (initial coin offering) which takes place over a year to generate hype about the Community token, ADA & Assest/Debt Blockchain Integration.
ICO Complete.
The community bank start to purchase debt from banks and then re-structure how debt assets capital(cash) work together and against each other to create a more properous enviremoent forthe indiviudal using the service. Not those with authority over it.
The aim should be to always strive in the favour of the individual not the community.


Since the people own the majority of the community tokens we can consider the bank owned by the people.
Since we eliminate ALOT of middle men the cost of doing businesss is significantly less.
The individual is empowered through the purchase of land. Not Enslaved.

Creating a new token initially to gather capital to open first Mortgage Bank.
Sell 50% of the tokens in the ICO.

All 50% of those tokens will be used to fund the self managed Bank.
Once we start Re-Mortgaging peoples homes the remain 50% of the tokens will be used to digitize the assets.

The bank will start generating income from the Mortgages owning tokens will generate you actual dollars.

The amount you are paid will depend on the amount of tokens in debt Vs the amount in assest.

Eg. Initial Tokens 100,000,000 - ICO 50,000,000

Coin Kept by Bank Asset/Debt 50,000,000
Bank must always keep at least 10% coins.

The Asset Debt Ratio will be used to calculate each persons earning from the initial ICO.
When you refinance your home with us. Everything happens as it normally would with one NEW step.

Say the value of a token is $1 and your house is worth $1,000,000 and you own 20% of the home.
This would mean the house value is worth 1,000,000 tokens with 200,000 in Assest Class and 800,000 in debt class.

As more and more people refinance with us the token will obviously increase in value. When the 20% of your assets tokens is worth the initial $800,000 or you pay off your Mortgage your 200,000 will be unlocked for you to either sell (paying off your entire home ) or just keep them and make passive income from.

Find your edge

My personal competitive edge is that I don’t care about money I care about people ( I was born into a wealthy family and I watched money tear everyone apart). Of course I am corruptable as we all are. But to avoid being corrupted we will plan far ahead and I will build a team around me of like minded individuals who even if im gone will follow through with this experiment.