INPUT OUTPUT HK & BEEFCHAIN: Tracing beef from farm to table

Stefania talks to Jerry Fragiskatos, IOHK’s Chief Commercial Officer, and Prof. Philip Schlump, CTO of Beefchain about the problems around food security and traceability and how blockchain can increase transparency and efficiency across the supply chain.

Beefchain is a Wyoming-based traceability solution business, certified by the United States Department of Agriculture, designed to ensure transparency and accountability on the beef supply chain, tracing the food from ranch to consumer, prevent fraud and improve food security.
The project was born 3 years ago, as a partnership between Cardano’s IOHK and Beefchain.
Blockchain technology allows the implementation of a new system where data are immutable and easily transferred, empowering ranchers, streamlining their operations/businesses while offering new guarantees to consumers.


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It’s fantastic. Just the start…of many things to come :grinning: