Interested in Translating Cardano Content?


I can translate in french, i am born in france, brought up by english parents.
I speak and write both languages fluently.
I will do my best :slight_smile:


I think there should be a central place to upload the content (Hello Cardano Foundation!!!). I can do some translation but right now I don’t know where I should check if someone else has translated it already and I don’t know where I should upload it so that others will find it. I don’t think that just adding it as a post to this forum makes any sense.

A table would be great with the different papers/videos/… on one axis and the available languages on the other.


Hi @Herr_Rossi If you are not familiar with other platforms such as Reddit, you can always post your translation work with the link to the original post in the forum letting other community members who share the same language enjoy your work :slight_smile: Though we do not have language variation in the forum yet, it could be a great place for you to start your own work!


I agree, I don’t mind translating in french but i have no idea if the work has been done :thinking:


could you modify the readme of the github repo I posted ? This could be used to flag which document are currently under translation. But I am not yet familiar with github … so any indication appreciated !


I have made an independant section where I will post my translations when I have spare time.

Good evening.


Stake pools in Cardano - fr-FR


Good idea!! One to look into for sure.

I think for now, I can suggest that if anyone posts in the Forum to share their translated content, they can add tags. (For example, german translated posts have the tag ‘deutsch’) This helps consolidate searches in one way.


I’ve been giving some thought to this scattered un-unified efforts to translate and i came upon an idea i’d like to suggest…

@RobJF took the initiative to start and has been doing some commendable work with the cardano wiki with numerous contributions from @CosmosX and @FlippyFlink .

the way in which a wiki is structured solves our “one focused home for translation” problem on so many levels!


p.s we could additionally perform extra functions like those meet-up related as there are calendar related extensions


Actually a good point. And doing this does not prevent doing more or different later anyway.


You’re not the first to think of this. An attempt was previously made to make the wiki multilingual. I was not directly involved. However, based on the impression I got at the time, I’d say that using the wiki in this way would complicate things, not simplify them.

However, you are of course welcome to go for it! I believe all the relevant extensions are already installed but if you need another just let me know.


Yeah, I saw that, I’m planning to do some translation to Spanish, but it will be Mexican Spanish. Should I include both flags in sequence? Spain and Mexico?


hey @RobJF i appreciate the feedback, could you possibly give more details or point me to the person/folks who previously tried? would greatly appreciate it! :smiley::+1:


Hi Ursify,
I’m also willing to translate into spanish.

Cardano Ambassador Nomination Form is requesting (in point 4) a link to the translation content.

I saw that user Chris28 made it to German.

Do you have any clue on how that URL can be created?

Thanks in advance


Hi Crhis28

Willing to translate to Spanish.

Question. Was it difficult for your German landing URL to be created?

Cardano Ambassador Nomination Form, in its point # 4 is requesting for an URL to be showed

Thanks in advance
Sebastian from Argentina



creo que lo mejor es que nos coordinemos para las traducciones y no trabajar doble. Ya estoy empezando el Resumen, que es el primer link.

Del URL que mencionas, por el momento no se, pero apenas me estoy familiarizando con el foro. Yo como estoy haciendo a traducción es con New Topic.



Gracias x la respuesta
Yo para probar, puse el resumen del white board de charles en el traductor google.

Fue bastante bien la traduccion, habria q modificarle algunas palabras.

Vi que Chris genero URL al Aleman, vos decis de dejar traducciones en New Topic. Ok, las busco y trato de poner otras traducciones x ahi cerca

Coincido en coordinar para no trabajar doble

Abrazo, Seba


Hola Seba, hi everyone,

at least for German translations the DeepL translator works much better than Google. It’s a great basis to start with but it’s not perfect so it still needs manual override. Please check it out for other languages (there is French, Spanish, Protuguese, Italian, Dutch, Polish and Russian available so far) and tell me what you think of it.


Hy Rossi,
Deepl translator suggested by you seems to be working great!
Already translating Formal Methods Summary
Thanks for your help!


Hi @CardanoCastellano,

sorry for the late answer!
My approch for translations:

  1. using deepL for the raw translation copy it to a word doc and starting to make it “more clean”
  2. I highly recommend you to send it to a reviewer to get a secound perspective for formulations