Internet IX's for Cardano traffic (lower latency / lower hop counts)


Hello Cardano world,

I’m a novice network person (with a few years experience), and would like to bring up a network technology and design that may benefit Cardano infra and connectivity between nodes.

Throughout the internet there are several internet exchanges (IX’s) such as BBIX, JPIX, and direct peering services such as HE for relatively low fees.
These technologies and services provide direct peering, reduce hop counts, threat filtering for traffic that limit exposure in higher risk areas.

By limiting hop counts and lowering latency values with direct peering with application developers adding some sort of encryption /keychain security features on ADA blockchain during its verification processing, ADA would process faster and be more secure.
Obviously there will always be security and stability risks on the internet (like driving a car), however with a little bit of tweaking like utilizing IX’s and adding encryption (seatbelts) the benefit would outweigh any time and money implementing such technologies.


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