Interview with CTO of Ripple

I’m not really a Ripple guy but I thought this was a very interesting interview and very educational regarding the remittance space.

I love this guy, one of my favorite. I think I bought an XRP because of him.

That was a great interview.

Underrated / overrated.
Facebook - Overrated
Ethereum - Underrated
Bitcoin - Oh boy…
Jamie Dimon - Hahaha

Seriously smart guy. I like the idea of using a centralized digital currency for micropayments. I have so many paid media sites that I like to access but feel like I don’t utilize enough. Chrome ext with an XRP balance that I could use to pay per view would be awesome!

If you can identify Centralized in a plan forward with any type of payment system - like Ripple - like Libra - like Ethereum, the company behind the currency can turn the lights off at their organization with no warning to you and any little bit of currency you have claim to can vaporize or become much more like a burden through the courts in your attempt to recoup what you lose, let’s say you operate on a centralized platform, at the crux of landing a million/billion dollar contract and all you need to do is pay your insurance that only accepts crypto for payment so that you can receive the contract and win the bid you make an attempt to ensure you get the bid and that is when the centralized platform says to hell with it - turn out the lights -… that makes it a very bad day for Johnny, there is nothing centralized currencies can do better than decentralized currencies, no single person can make the big decisions in a decentralized environment, why the hell someone would operate on top of a centralized currency with few decision makers id beyond me… it’s a bad practice as absolute power absolutely corrupts.

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Playing devil’s advocate, there are people who just prefer a recognized governing body taking control so they don’t have to worry about managing their own things and can always point a finger when something bad happens. Also, projects centralized to a degree are for those who are really into high TPS. I don’t know why anyone would want a max TPS platform sacrificing everything else, but they exist.

I agree, our community has been weaving together and individuals have been willing to step forward and put their name on development’s and are willing to be responsible for the outcome of how this decentralized system turn’s out, plenty of people to point fingers at if something goes wrong, this is not child’s play and I believe everyone involved in promoting the project and moving it forward know’s the legal ramifications of promoting the protocol in official and/or semi official capacity, and through the participant’s that are willing to put their true name on the line is where the governing body will truly be formed, the Cardano Improvement Process will rely on people who invest themselves as volunteers into the development of Cardano that want a decentralized governing body that can be held accountable to ensure we get the best protocol available in the world with what we have to work with (we have the best protocol to adapt the best idea’s), Law has not entered the decentralized space yet - - - but you can expect it to as people want protection and deserve it, the CIP’s 10 years from now will be soo damn confusing to most people as decentralized protocol’s develop to ensure protection for the end user and with no regard given to the wealthy political crap we see happening in the world with centralized currencies, the governing decentralized body will be held accountable by law that is written by a global community - mark my word’s.
Amazing TPS is pretty cool, but how does it propel the world into a better place? Everyone living in a big rush letting life slip by quickly instead of slowing down a bit so that it is enjoyable, I know this - google has given us an option to cancel emails we send in a rush so that whatever we think of after being relieved of the pressure of replying quickly we can doctor up, and that tool is a testament to how the world operates - with crypto - once sent it is gone, everyone need’s to get the TPS race out of thier head.

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