Hi All,
Quick question for you. I have about 7 or 8 Intrawallets in my Yoroi Account that I didn’t ask for but I got charged about .17935 ADA each time. How can I delete the Intrawallets and get the fees back? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @Thomas_Broderick, Intrawallet transactions are those where you send to yourself. Like when withdrawing from staking rewards.

Thank you for your response. Now I can see having 1 intrawallet for rewards but why did it keep making them every time I put ADA in the account and sometimes not. Just shows up and takes the fee again. Can I reverse this?

Intrawallet transaction can also be a stake delegation for which you need to pay fees.
Alternatively, if you send ada from an internal address to another of your addresses there will be a fee but also show as an interawallet transaction.

Could that explain it?
There is no way to revert transaction fees. Whenever there is a transaction, spending, moving from own address to own address, delegating and some other situations, transaction fees will have to be paid.

If you click on a transaction in your yoroi wallet it will let you know if it was a special kind of transaction, like a delegation or withdrawal of rewards.

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Yes That makes sense… Thank you. But the easiest way to put this is : I bought let’s say 50 ADA. OK… I got the normal fee. Perfect…then like 20 minutes later an Intrawallet shows up minus the .17906 … then another… and another … All within a couple of hours of putting that 1st ADA deposit of 50 ADA. No other money was used. But still got the intrawallets. Then 3 days later I put in another 50 ADA… Minus the normal delagation fee. Again perfect… Then without putting anymore ADA in my Yoroi wallet… 4 more intrawallets show up… That’s what is confusing

That’s really strange.

But when you say: “Then 3 days later I put in another 50 ADA… Minus the normal delagation fee.”. This alone is strange, since I assume you have already delegated to a pool and then you send some newly bought ada from an exchange to your wallet right? This is strange not on its own since you only pay transaction fees for delegation if and only you change to another pool. As long as you are delegated to the same pool, all newly deposited ada will just be delegated without fees. Do you only have 1 wallet? and do you keep delegating to another pool or something?