ALOHA everyone, we are GROW Stake Pool committed to making the CARDANO vision a reality while donating 100% profits to charities that help others in need.

Pool Info:

  • Ticker=GROW /Pledge=108,000 / Fixed fee=340 / Variable fee=2.8%

  • 100% Profits donated

  • Website:

  • Contact: @PoolGrow on Twitter

  • Pool ID: 95954fa839905a201d8d97cc31be8bbd4ac2ad0df1d201accce3a23e

  • Location: US

  • Pool infrastructure:
    – F8s_v2 (8CPU/16GB-RAM/Premium-SSD) with IP ACL Isolated Relays for maximum security of the primary Block Producer.
    – D2s_v3 (2CPU/8GB/Premium-SSD) for Primary Public Relays
    – DDoS Protection (we’ll keep making blocks no matter what!)
    – Nodes are spread across multiple DataCenters for unbeatable reliability
    – These specs powered this stake pool during HTN/MC testnets producing over 900 blocks!

  • Pool redundancy: AZURE allows for instant snapshots and global regional instances on demand. All nodes have full backups under AES-256 encryption and SSE running-storage encryption. New pools can be spun up on demand to offset saturation or regional DDoS attacks.
    – Nodes are spread across multiple DataCenters for unbeatable reliability

  • Operator experience: 22yrs IT Systems Engineer, currently own a Managed Services Provider (MSP) operating in Hawaii since 2004. We serve 24x7x365 business continuity under SLA for over 500 endpoints spread across the islands. We understand what it takes to deliver performance and continuity to our clients, they pay their bills on time! Being a Stake Pool Operator involves a multitude of skills and experience that collaborate for a unified and stable block producing platform, we’ll make happy delegators the same way we make happy customers - commitment to service. We minted 943 blocks on the HTN and MC testnets using the same infrastructure we bring to Mainnet.

  • Why should users check out your pool? Outside of proven track record maintaining network infrastructure over the long haul, users may appreciate our brand as it focuses not only on rewards for delegators and pool operators, but also on making charitable contributions to worthy projects aligned with our philosophy of “Less Self-Centered, More World-Centered”.
    GROW will donate 100% of our profits to organizations like:

  • Save the Children

  • Amala Foundation for Conscious Community Leadership

  • Nature Conservancy: Plant a Billion Trees Project

  • ManKind Project (this one saved my life. Since then, I’ve helped hundreds of men save theirs)

  • Are we better than other stake pools? Our pool is part of an ecosystem that thrives on diversity. As a Stake Pool Operator I’m just one of many great pools collaborating for the same goal, a sustained, high performing backbone infrastructure for the CARDANO blockchain. I recognize that as much as we might need to compete with each other in a healthy way, we need each other to realize the project’s goals. For this reason, GROW has already demonstrated hundreds of hours of collaboration with other stake pool operators helping them build their rigs while they assist us in building ours. The spirit of racing to win and helping others to beat us at the same time is incredible and I believe the exact kind of fuel a project like CARDANO needs to realize its goals as a revolutionary global financial system.

Given the opportunity, some luck and lot of hard work, GROW Stake Pool will provide financial rewards year round while also offering charitable contributions from profits to projects listed on our website. Thank you for being a part of this project and for considering us in your financial investment strategies, we look forward to helping you GROW!


Wow, very impressive! I hope GROW is a success

You and me both! GROW has already made its first block in the first epoch that pools were allowed to, that was a stroke of luck and lots of preparation. That is thrill in itself. I did calculations for rewards and could see how much more rewards the pool gets when it has more delegation, everyone benefits. So the challenge now is to attract people who believe in this project and what GROW is doing for them and want to grow together.

The charitable donation model is an amazing idea and a step in the right direction… The growth of your pool will have a direct positive impact on the world! That is something to be proud of!

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Thank you very much for that acknowledgment, means a lot. 5% is just the beginning, I want to be at 20% and on the ground with them. Time will tell if we make it, have a lot to do in terms of getting the word out.

I recently bought the domain for the purpose of promoting charitable pools in a not for profit way… Haven’t totally hashed out the concept but I’m open to any suggestions or ideas you may have…

Right now I believe we have between 5 and 10 pools that are funneling profits to charity. Probably one of the best ways to feature these kinds of pools is to have a solid template for highlighting them that the SPO can fill in and apply for listing. On the other side, we can engage the non-profits we are giving to and bring their awareness to our ecosystem and the value it is bringing them. This way awareness is built on both side and encourages movement towards the middle where all thrive.

Great great great idea

1 Like is live… Still a rough idea but it would be an honor to have your pool be the first to be added to the list of ‘Good Pools’

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Nice work!! Good start. Would be honored to be listed. BTW we are now a 100% non-profit stake pool, all profits will go to listed charities. We’re also working on a delegator to charity voting system to allow delegators to vote on which charities receive the most donation. Let me know what’s next, I see that the REGISTER link isn’t active.

Exciting stuff! You’re doing good work… I have more to do on the site… I will stay in touch

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Did some more work on the site over the weekend! There is now a registration section! Feel free to sign up when you have a chance!

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Ok I’ll catch up with this later today! THank you!

Hello! Finally got Grow posted on StakingForGood. I hope you will reach out with and notes or suggestions going forward (bearing in mind, it’s a work in progress)! Also, feel free to suggest the site to any other pools you know of who are ‘good’ :grin:
Thanks again for taking the time to register!

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Ok awesome! I’m sharing to Twitter now. There’s a few pools out there in this category that should register.