Intro to the collective bliss experience - Idea for proof of self-realisation

I have an idea! I believe this is an absolutely amazing one! I invite you to explore the projects I’m involved in and share opinions and suggestions regarding the potential developments (the idea). I’m sure that this could be a very valuable activity for the cryptocurrencies community.

Firstly, allow me to introduce to you a concept of a bio-active plasma fractal field. I would like you to do a small reflection and experience boosting & rejuvenating properties of the field.

The field is happening all around. It can be imagined as everything interrelated in a form of a geometry of waves. However, a density of bio-information (which could be the reflection about/of the field and its essential part) differs regarding how much golden mean perfected is the modality of a local field part. For example, you can see here a way the things are going if you like the idea - you create an understanding which coheres your mind if that makes sense. This is how we are getting fractal, so to say.

Go here if you would like to study more about fractal fields science

Wonderful thing is that we can create bio-active plasma fields and increase bio-information within the air with a unique device called The Theraphi. The Theraphi is a sophisticated sun lamp. You can see here The Theraphi tubes filled up with glowing plasma which makes a space-time ‘sacred’. Basically, it feels really good to sit in a Theraphi field.

Go here if you would like to get more information regarding the Theraphi

The idea is to put measurements of the healing Theraphi fields on the Cardano Blockchain in order to properly evaluate the human effort to work for better future.


The Theraphi bio-active field helps feel better, heals a body - these fields provide an opportunity to efficiently compress bio-active charge or, by saying simply, focus an attention.

We can measure brain waves and consequently a mindfulness with FlameInMind application (it is a biofeedback app). An information about a brain waves signature is very valuable if you can trace how to get better in ‘compression of charge clouds’.

Go here for more info regarding FlameInMind Biofeedback.

Basically, it is possible to create a value by sharing and understanding the way how our bodies get better in the process of self-realization.

That is all for a good intro to the idea. What do you think?

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I wrote a couple of hundred words before realising it would probably break forum rules, so I deleted it, and I’ll just say this:

Two of these sites are in contention for the position of worst website design I’ve seen in ten or twelve years. The other’s much better regarding design, but I think the first two are probably fairer representations of the ideas and products described in all three.

Don’t take it personally, I have no idea what connection, if any, you have with these sites.

I’ll leave it at that. :slight_smile:


It would be great if you would help redesign the websites.

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Here is an animation I have done a few month ago. The animation presents FlameInMind biofeedback system which could be used to create a great database regarding self-realization. A self-realization is understood here as getting better in a process of charge compression.

FlameInMind measures golden mean in brain waves and helps understand how an efficient way of thinking structures healthy lifestyle. This is a wonderful contemplation/meditation tool which will be essential in quantification, evaluation, and monetization of constructive thinking.

I’m sorry, I wouldn’t want to be associated with anything associated with Dan Winter.

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It is not like that. The story is long and the most important thing is to keep up with the pure principle.

However, I can understand that you may be afraid of being associated with anything associated with Dan Winter because someone won’t like you…

Nevertheless, We are getting decentralized and the real value of certain works will speak for itself this way or another.

I’m sorry (again) but I don’t think much of the principles either. The material on these sites is pseudo-scientific gobbledygook to my eye. I’m not a cynical materialist, I’ve been a committed Buddhist for more than twenty years and a regular meditator for nearly forty. Any genuine “seeker” will be much better off investigating such long-established wisdom traditions rather than pursuing any technological “quick fix”.

Solid science is behind these projects - I’m sure about that. Your impression of a ‘quick fix’ being suggested there comes from a lack of understanding. Spend some more time browsing the websites - you won’t regret. The materials wonderfully overlap with the spirit of decentralization.

Real wisdom is timeless - General understood technology was here a long time before we came up with ours. Here you are dealing with, for example - electromedicine. Electromedicine helps understand a human body as an energy system. This perspective is not explained in schools and yet is very natural.

There is some gobbledygook on these sites, but, consider the value proposition of an ml-assisted daap for providing EMDR (a computer guided , proven therapy for providing neural trauma healing) … that could help millions of people realize more self actualization and development for very cheap compared to the current scarcity.

As a deeply materialist viewer, who also appreciates buddhist techniques , I would not be so quick to judge any potential exponential neurotechnology. Now, we all see how that panned out for the ride of the psychedelic movement … .which, their lessons bear not repeating… but we also have now much better modelling power for the brain , even if you are not a materialist , you can acknowledge the statistical evidence of certain scientific approaches such as “cbt, EMDR, biofeedback” , etc. Even if these aren’t fully exponential for a mind, they can be exponential to a population who has sorely limited access and very high demand for say, self improvement, thus a decentralization of self help using known and proven ways , would be great ! Even a dualist might benefit from say, their Church operating with a blockchain technology !

Rofl @RobJF for the link about D Winters…it’s so sad when things get so bad that a person conducts criminal acts of deceit , that they have been held to account by the govt lol … and here I thought D. Chalmers was the worst opponent in the room . D Winters is … almost undescribable by comparison lol

@Accelerandant When I said I’m not a cynical materialist I meant I don’t have materialistic values, in fact I am a materialist regarding metaphysics. (I was once an admirer of Chalmers but I grew out of it, I’m much more Dennettian now.) Of course you’re right about the potential of science in general terms, in fact I’m particularly optimistic regarding scientific validation of some of the benefits of meditation and other “spiritual” practices, and I guess the blockchain might fit in there somehow. But I don’t believe there can be any device that “does it for us” such as the Theraphi, that idea seems very reductionist to me.

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Agreed !!! Thank you for clarifying ! I had put wrong interpretation on your use of the word cynical. I like the MRI research on the monks that has been published for example! Thanks for the response :slight_smile:

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What if you had your ultimate, peak ‘self-realization’ moment, and unbeknownst to you, what you discovered to be the ultimate truth about who you are, is in-fact a fraud? How would you verify how authentic your version of your self-realization is without some sort of a yardstick to go by? Consider floating in the darkness of outer space with no gravity pull - how do you know which way is up, down, left or right without a frame of reference, e.g. a value system of sorts?

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Well opinions will vary of course but my take on this is that the concept of an individual self, separate from the rest of existence, is an illusion, so actual self-realisation already includes relationships with the environment and such disorientation as you describe is impossible. Self-realisation is self-validating, doubt only arises when attempting to judge others.


Let me help you understand the Theraphi. I would love to call the Theraphi as an educational device. Although, the wonderful examples of how the device works are mostly regarding health improvements, I can summarize effects of a bio-active plasma field into just one feature: increasing self-organization in living organisms.

There are literally miracles reported in terms of rejuvenating and healing effects of the field. I’m absolutely convinced to say that the Theraphi tech is one these which will help forget health problems at all.

Take a look at this photo - the field was so strong that it changed a modality of the way how light was captured by the camera. The rejuvenating properties of the healing field were literally coded into the pixels of the photo as much that it is positively changing the light which is glowing on your face in this very moment! :wink:

Regarding the project I was writing about… We are currently doing researches regarding healing on distance. What can I say … there is a possibility to quantify scalar waves as units of transferable bio-active parts of the fractal field. These units could be considered as incentives (as well as some kind of tokens) for sharing the data regarding brain activity during a meditation.

I can help here connect the dots if there is anyone who can write a code on a higher level. Let me know if we can write something down here.

If you can either explain this so I can understand it or offer some evidence for it (or preferably both) then I’m interested. Otherwise, I’m a hopeless case as far as you’re concerned.

Here’s a tip though: people who are inclined towards scepticism are NOT impressed by hyperbole such as talk of miracles, quite the opposite in fact.

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I let myself express imaginative creativity in order to explain why the glowing gas, the plasma looks so good. There is a nice modality of the light on the photos - Don’t you think?

You can read testimonials here:

I am not coming at this post with any “true” claim or any so to speak enlightenment… but … a person’s moral compass , can be set by pure logic alone… it is naturally evident, for example, that the truth of the goodness of something is in giving , rather than receiving … to view receiving , love, for example as better than giving, is to engage in stealing a surfeit of the giver’s goodness of intent , for one’s own gain, which, is indeed selfish. Granted we have to set “romantic” ideas aside as incredibly complex in this case ha.

I think if you (and I suspect ) you may follow a rules based ethics (a ‘good’ one obviously), you would find , the so called golden rule , or, the rules that most help people , are indeed, when scrutinized, good valid logically coherent rules. … rules and standards based “ethical norms” aka deontology, is a widely accepted framework for a metric so to speak .

All normative ethics seek to find how best to do the most good. It is just the framework of “why” and “how come” that are open to debate. Thankfully for us , whether that is an inner reason or agent based ethics, a communal or utilitarian ethics , or a rules/ deontologist ethics , they all are great for increasing the good, and at this stage in human development , we really neednt ought to get down to brass tacks such as meta ethics or the how and why of the universe.

Just a rambling on one of my topics of interest , sorry if there is any risk of thread “derailment” … which I think that ship sailed before the original post lol.

You probably would benefit more from this topic if you would allow yourself to work out a bit more comprehensive perspective on how to steer towards a full self-realization.

However, I believe your input is being well received by a reader as well as by you. Personally, I have got your kind of poetic altruism as something quite interesting.