Introducing 46 South Stake Pool [46S]

I’m Jeremy, I’ve been in crypto for a number of years, starting off mining eth with an 8 card rig but I have moved on to Cardano as I can see the technical background work going on with Cardano and I am impressed. I had read Neil Stephenson’s Cryptonomicon a while back which gave me a good understanding of the importance of cryptocurrencies.
Ticker: 46S
Pledge: 11K
Fixed fee: 340
Variable fee: 0%
Telegram handle: @CSP_46S
Pool ID: 12d4d2f7a7c5b4ae10853d093257d71bd3ac6d2abccc2b65fc0bff8f
Location: Invercargill, New Zealand
Pool infrastructure: Baremetal servers (1 node, 1 BP). Starlink connection, with 4G failover. UPS on both servers and Starlink connection.
Operator experience: Successful operation of BP through a number of epochs, updates. Competent hardware skills with support from local Linux security specialists

46 South Stake Pool takes its name from the fact the pool is running on baremetal servers at 46 degrees South. This is my home town of Invercargill, New Zealand. This makes it the world’s southernmost Cardano stake pool.

I am in a semi-rural setting, so I am running on a Starlink connection, which happens also be the world’s southernmost Starlink cell. I also have a 4G failover in case the Starlink drops.

The South Island of New Zealand runs on 100% renewable energy, mostly hydro with some wind.

We were also lucky enough to receive an IOHK delegation. We believe we were chosen to support the spatial decentralisation of the Cardano network around the world.