Introducing ADA Farm [FARM] (will donate to local charities)

Hello, and welcome to my stakepool introduction! I am Glen, an enterprising farmer from and small island off the west coast of Scotland. I have a day job as well as the family farm and also have my own stand up paddleboard school, I like the variety! I’ve been in and out of crypto since 2017 but I’ve always held some Cardano since then. During Covid lockdown I was looking at ways to take part in blockchain to boost my income a bit, and after much research I opted to start up a pool in the testnets and then FARM was launched right there from the beginning of the Shelley era, what a moment!

I’ve ran servers for a while mostly for hosting websites and counter strike servers for people so i know my way around Linux, but there’s always something new to learn, perfect for the dark winter nights coming up!

Ticker: FARM
Pledge: 5.3k ADA (small to some, but it’s a lot for me, increasing over time)
Fixed Fee: 340ADA
Variable fee: 2.2%

Twitter: @ADAfarmio
PoolID: 6879ab43e837d11c606e37dbf3e743f13f303c9dff53be602f263d6d
SPO Location: Isle of Arran (Scotland) :uk:
Servers Location: London (England) :uk:
Pool infrastructure: (multiple vps) 4 vCores CPU, 8 GB RAM, 160 GB SSD, 400 Mbit/s, Unbuntu
Pool redundancy: Hosted in Tier 3 data centre with backup Relay/BP if needed, able to upgrade anytime if the network requires more powerful servers.
Financial Resilience: 2 years running costs at current rates already set aside.

Operator experience: After taking part as staking on in ITN I did my research and started taking part in the testnests for the #ReadyforShelley era. Proven ability to mint blocks, reliable up time and minimal delays between updating to newer versions. Keys stored on an air-gapped machine.

Charity giving: Annually, I will donate 15% of my margin earnings to 3 local charities here on Arran. (5% each) This way we can see the direct difference donations make, and this will also increase the awareness and use of Cardano among the general population.

Long term I want to reach as close to saturation as I can. After a run of bad luck with no slots assigned my 2 biggest delegators left to support other small pools. The good news is luck evens out over time and with the upcoming change to “k” and the continuing decline of “d” I would be over the moon to welcome new delegators to FARM to help us grow Cardano!

Thank you for taking the time to read ADA Farm’s [FARM] Intro


hey there Glen!

Great intro and lovely website! All the best for your future endeavours!



Thank you for the kind wishes!

We just minted another block too!

It would be amazing if there were some delegators reading this that would be able to bump FARM back over 1M ADA, perhaps someone who is in a big pool which would become saturated after the 6th of December

The work never stops for an SPOO (Stakepool Owner Operator) :smile:

Pledge upped to just over 13k ADA now :smiley:

Aiming for the 25k target soon, delegators welcome as well!