Introducing ADA Globe Network [ADAGL, GLNET] - Let's decentralize Cardano

A few words about us

We are from Dubai.

Started our cryptocurrency journey at the time of 2017 hype. During our research to find out the best cryptocurrency, we stumbled upon Charle’s whiteboard video. Then there was no going back… IOHK videos, Charles AMA’s, his visit to Dubai, we didn’t miss anything thereafter.

We were a late entrant to ITN. So this time, we don’t want to miss the opportunity to be part of the Cardano’s journey to change the world.

Our Pools

Ticker : ADAGL
Pledge : 250,000 ₳
Fixed Fee : 340 ₳
Variable Fee : 2.79 %

Ticker : GLNET
Pledge : 225,000 ₳ (will increase the pledge to make it same as ADAGL)
Fixed Fee : 340 ₳
Variable Fee : 2.29 %

Pool IDs

ADAGL : 8b9c6073d09171c9e3b1460ffe4c0b11f34e4ca1b8ee0a28fe7a79fd
GLNET : b513c299f0657d07742e284911d449a296c0efde9ccccce7d4ef5cfb

Pool infrastructure:
Blocks Nodes - Dedicated bare metal servers
ISO 27001 certified hosting with dedicated servers
4 dedicated servers with following configurations in each server

CPU Cores : 4
DDR4 RAM : 16 GB
SSD Storage : 512 GB
OS : Ubuntu 20.04
Location : Dubai

Relay Nodes - Cloud relays on Azure
3 Virtual machines with following configurations in each server

vCPUs : 2
RAM : 8 GB
Premium SSD : 64 GB (Expandable based on needs)
OS : Ubuntu 18.04
Locations : Dubai, US, Singapore

Firewall and DDOS protected

Pool redundancy

  • Active and passive node setup for both pools
  • Can switch the leader node to passive node during upgrades
  • Cloud relay servers that cover multiple geo locations.
  • Capability of switching to dedicated model from the current hybrid (dedicated + cloud) model in case of need.

Operator experience

  • Experience in DevOps
  • Experience IT architecture and design
  • IT infrastructure planning and IT operations experience

Why Choose Us

We have excellent IT architecture, solution, design, development and operational experience that we rely on to make reliable, secure and sustainable staking solutions to our delegators.

We believe in Cardano’s scientifically proven technology and its ability to become the world’s financial operating system. So we are here to support Cardano’s ambitious efforts to deliver positive, sustainable, technology driven solutions to build a global society which is secure, transparent and all inclusive in nature.

Kindly do support us by staking ADA to our pools.

ADA Globe Network - Let’s Decentralize Cardano….
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Update :
Upgraded all cloud relays RAM to 16 GB today to cover epoch snapshot spikes.

The node doesn’t release memory after the spike. I can see that there is a github issue on this. Hope it will get resolved soon.