Introducing ADA North Pool [ANP]

I’ve also delegated to your pool. Keep up the good work.

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That means transition from UNDELEGATED > (to) ANPL, whihc takes time.

Also, you will never ever loosing your ADA by delegation, max only the interest on it, but incorrectly handling your funds’ mnemonics, your computer, etc.

Also, never ever give your written down word-mnemonics or password to anybody, even to your husband.:slight_smile:

Also, a good advice, never ever expose your funds or part of your funds, the evils are out there watching for their prospective preys.

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Thank you Necropuddi :slight_smile:

I added a pools information page to the website:

Added an advertisment on reddit that describes in detail my pools:


I was always a bit put off by the lack of information from many pools on the ITN about their connection to, and involvement in, the platform. It’s nice to know who you’re staking with. This amount of transparency is refreshing.


HI, ADA North Pool, Nice Meet you. I have seen a lot of ADA North Pools.

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Thank you Ghostweel. Transparency is important to me. For example you can see my pool live on the monitoring page. While yes this could mean a hacker could look live how the system resources went up or down I have put into place enough redundancy measures that I believe the pros of being transparent outweights the cons and frankly a hacker could only touch the public relays unless he somehow got hold of the private relays ip or the core pool ip. And even then there are plenty other redundancies I have described in detail in the above posts. I also wish to improve with security audits and if I get enough delegation stable over time to form a company this will probably be my next step as I think security is something you can always improve on.


For security, a bug bounty would be easy to implement, e.g. “First person to send me the contents of the /proof.txt file from any of the servers gets 5000 ADA”. Incentivizes security people to check for low-hanging fruit type trivial vulnerabilities, and also to report problems to you instead of monetizing them in other ways.


That is actually a great idea.

Additional information: First come first serve so I will not pay the reward again. If someone does post the correct proof this forum post will be updated. Contest last month of August 2020. Please do not harm the servers in the process nor do anything illigal like stealing or using any keys of mine. Only get the content of the proof file.


Security *vulnerability

Small typo =)

Thanks. Fixed.

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Very thorough! I will delegate once Yoroi is back up


Current live stake is 10.7 mil

Let’s go! drum roll intensifies


Congratz on mining our first block!


Nice! Happy Staking :+1:


Wow! So much amazing information in your introduction… Thank you for sharing and please keep doing the good work! I hope your pool is a success!


So the security contest of August has now ended. One outer relay / webserver had a weaknesses that allowed hackers to learn information and a user was rewarded 500 ADA for this discovery. No user reported either files of the two core servers.


I’m still planning on digging into your post on liquid democracy! I’ve been very busy… I hope your pool is doing well


Happy new year everyone and an update from the pool for 2022:
A lot has happened since my post in 2020. Ada North Pool acquired the right to the pool, I am still the operator of it, and it is still a Single Pool. I have made quite a few articles in 2022 with my highlight being the chance to speak Governance with Dr. Mihaela Ulieru

Some other cool videos I did in 2022:
Permissionless Clock Synchronization with Public Setup
A short look at PEReDi: Privacy-Enhanced, Regulated and Distributed Central Bank Digital Currencies
First look at Ofelimos
Discussing Drep & treasury papers.
dRep Interview Channel - Eystein Magnus Hansen
Short introduction to Mithril
Catalyst series book of why and radical markets
Catalyst social physics and power of experiments
Catalyst a look at treasury paper 1 and 2
Catalyst F8 Developer Ecosystem
A look at the Iagon whitepaper
World Mobile a look at the whitepaper
Short video on the recently released World Mobile document pages
Short video on World Mobile token rewards to delegators of ADA North Pool ticker ANP
Small update on World mobile and Empowa
An update on Ergo
An initial look at Minotaur
An initial look at Conclave
A short video summary of some of the history of ADA North Pool 2018-2022
3. February SPO call summary and reflections
Catalyst found 7 some comments and my favorites from the Accelerate Decentralized Identity category

I also made some tribute videoes to World Mobile as I am really passionate about Real FI:
world mobile let’s go part 3
World Mobile - More than words
World Mobile - Let’s go

As part of NBX I created articles on Cardano together with the team at NBX here are some of them:
What is Cardano
Crypto staking: the new era of minting cryptocurrency
What is Cardano staking?
How are blocks made on the Cardano blockchain?
What are the addresses used for delegation on Cardano?
Staking: Delegation in Cardano Proof-of-Stake Model Explained

I also made a few medium articles: In honor of Cardano on the rocks
In honor of Cardano on the rocks
Virtual Cardano part 2. Guide on adding peers to topology and further monitoring of relay.
Virtual Cardano. Guide on setting up Cardano relay node on a Proxmox virtual machine.
Virtualization and optimization for node operations with example of pratical use.
Server hardening and optimization for the would be node operator
Proof of stake , a small guide on securing login with Secure Shell (SSH)

I also where part of the crew for the Cardano Oslo Summit 2022 and both presented and lead panels and me and the wife where sorting out merch and giving out and greeting everyone attending:
Cardano Oslo Summit 2022 video list

I am happy to finally get some traction on the staking community in Norway during 2022 and I can see the community is slowly growing. Many during the summit asked for a place for the Norwegian community to talk with each other and we plan to announce a discord for this soon (me and the other crew from the summit).

some comments on my goals:

  1. Become a company in Norway once we see if we have stable income.
    I actually got acquired by one the major industry building families in norway that has both the Norwegian airlines and Norwegian bank behind them and now Norwegian block exchange. This allowed me to dedicated myself even further to Cardano in 2022.

  2. Preparing for smart contracts with possible aiming to become an oracle for smart contracts if needed by the Cardano protocol. (currently learning Haskell).
    I have done courses on Atala Prisim as well as being a Plutus cohort. I have finished my first project at NBX in around 8 months and learned a lot about how to plan and work with other developers.

  3. Add an extra fiber for redundancy together with 5G. Combined with already installed UPS we should have a very redundant system that is on site and monitored every day.
    I actually now have 3 ISP’s with Starlink as the 3rd. It is still going to be a bit spotty connection until they get more satellites up but I am getting there with redundancy :slight_smile:

  4. Considering also hosting web pages for other pool operators as our server capacity is underutilized as a favor to the network
    Instead of this I am actively supporting other staking pools in Norway with my knowledge and the community we are building locally such as a Norwegian cardano discord.

  5. Possibly going ahead with one of my ideas (Family Connect) to help family members abroad efficiently allow other family members onshore to spend money without large losses in transfer fees and helping merchants enable this and other services for merchants so they would wish to adopt this service see: Possible idea for family economic connection

This I have not done but I have supported World Mobile that will have similar financial apps.

  1. Possibly looking into making a legal DSL for Cardano:
    Bitlaw a legal system with a DSL for Cardano governance
    Still on my potential list for the future to work on domain specific languages helping both in legal and governance matters.

  2. Actively pursue social contracts / alliances between pool operators and community to strengthen the ecosystem.
    I am still part of the inter staking pool peering agreement as well as the guild of operator as well as arm alliance as well as single pool operators.

  3. Possibly engaging into the Norwegian Cardano community to develop and nourish it further with information and support.
    I think this I took quite to heart and I am working on the ground in all different shapes and forms to introduce new people to crypto in Norway to Cardano. For example, I have been doing breakfast & coffee meetings with slides explaining Cardano.