Introducing ADA4Good Stake Pool [A4G] - Let's "DIG" it!

Hi Community!

My name is Vahid and I would like to introduce myself and my pool.
I was born in Iran and moved to the Netherlands as a teenager about 30 years ago.
I am a proud father of two young and beautiful daughters; they are everything to me!

My love in life, besides my daughters is very divers. I have a background in Civil Engineering and technology is ingrained in my personality. Professionally however, I have never worked in tech, but followed my second passion in life: people and commerce. I have been in sales and marketing for more than 20 years now. In my private time, I have always been (algorithmic) trading and developing. The last 4 years I have been mostly active as a Crypto trader and investor. I have developed my own automatic arbitrage and market making bot, that I have been actively using the last 3 years. Finally, I also invest in real estate and managed rental properties.

I have been with Cardano from the very beginning and I am totally in love with the project and the community.

Ticker: A4G
Pledge: 75,000
Current Stake: 192,000
Fixed Fee: 340
Margin: 2%

Contact: on Twitter on Telegram

Pool ID: cb87bf12be816ecd5cd6e167442670e4024d85e0005c8623651b371f
Location: Netherlands

Pool Infrastructure

  • 1 Block Producer and 2 Relays: all with 4 CPU, 8GB RAM and 160GB SSD
  • DDos Protection
  • Nodes at two datacenters. One in the Netherlands, the other in Singapore.

Pool Redundancy

  • Instant snapshots to be deployed on 4 continents on demand
  • 2 relay nodes at two different datacenters on different continents
  • Full backup facility besides the available and regularly updated snapshots
  • 24/7 monitoring and alerting via Grafana and Telegram

Operator Experience

  • Prior to this Cardano pool, I had multiple “master nodes” on another crypto project for more than 2 years.
  • +5 years of development experience
  • +20 years of sales, marketing and entrepreneurial experience.

Why you should check our pool ADA4Good
Besides the above mentioned technology and experience, my mission is threefold:
Let’s “DIG” it!

  • Decentralize - As a single operator stake pool we help securing and decentralizing the network.
  • Include - Cardano is for everybody. I commit to helping the non-technical to join our community.
  • Give - Children are the future. I will therefore donate to causes helping children in need.

Current charity is “Save the Children”. 50% of the margin fees will be donated monthly.
From May 1st 2021, I will start donating 50 Dollars per month even if we don’t get more delegators or any blocks!

:heart: Thank you for your support. Together we will grow Cardano and help Children in need! :heart:

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Dear community,
As I mentioned in my introduction already, I have been a trader for years. First started about 20 years ago with stocks. I have been using technical analysis for many years. Later I moved to options and futures and later started to develop my algorithmic trading tools. Although I rarely trade Ada, I do trade BTC and ETH and sometimes some other big/mid cap coins.

I decided to add the following service to my pool to create some additional incentive for delegators to join Ada4Good.

The service is twofold:

  1. I will teach and help people who want to learn more about trading and Technical Analysis. All you need to do is join my pool’s telegram channel:
    It is a loose and interactive way in which you can ask questions about my trades or your own particular situation. Or maybe you want to know more about certain indicators or how I go about analyzing the market. It will be free format and fun.
  2. I have built a bot that sends all my manual trades to a separate Telegram channel:
    This channel is just a bonus. I have been trading BTC for a couple of years and I trade in my own specific way. In no way is it financial advice. It just shows you what I do, when I do it and how large my position is. Below you see an example of a trade as shown in the channel.


Below you see my short time trades for BTC/EUR:


And here you can see my long term BTC trades:

Important notes about my trading:

  • Trading ONLY spot markets. Never will I trade futures or other leverage products. Mostly big caps. Mostly on

  • Moreover, I only buy coins I am happy to hold (because I like their fundamentals), even if they move against me. Therefore I don’t use stop losses but tend to DCA (dollar cost average) instead.

  • I don’t use any indicators except the MA 50 and 200 at the daily chart and MA 21 at the weekly chart. And I only use these to find the major trend direction, not for determining new positions or exits. All my trading analysis is done through the graph itself, recognizing support and resistance levels and some formations. My biggest lesson in trading was: Keep It Simple

So feel free to join both channels. You don’t even have to delegate to my pool :smiley:

Only recently my pool has been lucky enough to earn the honor of being delegated by the Cardano Foundation!

It looks like we will be minting about 14 blocks on average each epoch. Epoch 279 was incredibly fun since we minted 21 blocks!

I also upgraded our infrastructure as follows:

  • 1 relay in Amsterdam (Hosting provider 1)
  • 1 relay in Singapore (Hosting provider 1)
  • 1 Block producer in Amsterdam (Hosting provider 1)
  • 1 unadvertised relay in Germany (Hosting provider 2)
  • 1 online backup Block producer in Germany that can switch from a relay to a block producer in minutes to take over the main Block producer in Amsterdam if needed. (Hosting provider 2)

Except to see vastly higher donations to Save the Children the coming months (50% of margin fees are being donated!)

Pledge has also been increased to 90k ADA now, expect to see this grow too since all remaining rewards are pledged!

Please consider delegating to ADA4Good Stake Pool. Thank you! :heart:

Cheers, Vahid.

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Nice work Vahid. Well deserved!

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To make sure more of the cardano community is supportive and aware of world mobile’s project we will share some of our WMT staking rewards with our delegators!

We believe in the Cardano Africa vision to bank the unbanked and to empower the continent. It all started with Charles’ TED talk in 2014.

This was the main reason we even started investing in cardano in 2017.

Our pool has always moved to help this vision come true.

To bank the unbanked with Cardano, we need to connect the people first. Cardano can’t work without internet. That is why we also started investing in World mobile tokens. The fantastic decentralized way to connect the people.

Finally we need our children to be educated so they can grow and use our decentralized financial systems for cool business ideas. That is why we donate a big chunk of our profits to Save the children.

Educate, Connect & Empower!
Delegate to Ada4good pool, earn Ada, WMT and support our cause.

Discord for a chat or more info:

Thank you!

Do you want to know how our WMT token sharing works and why we do this?

I just wrote a blog that explains both: