Introducing Akira Stake Pool [AKIRA]

Hi everyone!

I’d like to introduce Akira Stake Pool (AKIRA).

As a long time Cardano supporter, I’ve decided to shift the focus of my software development business to become part of the Cardano ecosystem.

We are a collection of software developers and IT professionals based in Canada, with over 15 years experience in the healthcare and public safety sectors.

We believe in the Cardano project and want to support the decentralization of the network, even if we are just a small stake pool operator at this time.

In the future, here is what we envision:

  • Running our Stake Pool for years to come (24/7/365) - planning over a 10 year period
  • Building Smart Contracts and Dapps

Pool Information:

Ticker : AKIRA
Name: Akira Stake Pool
Pool ID: 6cae147caf64b33d2dbfbdf88b235ccd090fe43a36700d6941a03586
Initial Pledge : 6.7k (we hope to increase this as we go)
Fixed Fee : 340
Variable Fee : 0% (Just changed as of Jun 7, 2021)
Website :
Business location : Canada
Servers hosted in : Germany


To contribute to the decentralization of the Cardano Network and become part of the ecosystem, to eventually build smart contracts and dapps. The Stake Pool is ground zero for us. An entry point into the ecosystem.

Technical information:

Our Stake Pool is made up of 3 Nodes - 2 relays and 1 block producer. Although we are Canadian, we have opted to host in a cloud data center in Germany (for high performance, uptime/redundancy and cost reasons). Relays are configured with DNS names and can be switched out if needed. All servers have snapshot backups and can be easily restored if anything goes wrong. The servers run the latest version of ubuntu and have all been hardened to the enth degree. No extra ports or services added more than the bare minimum to ensure the most secure environment possible.

All 3 servers have:

  • 4 vCPU’s
  • 16GB RAM
  • Plenty of SSD disk space
  • 400Mbps connection w/unlimited bandwidth

Thank you for your attention and for supporting us in this journey. Please consider supporting a small pool and delegating some ADA to AKIRA.



Hey @nmcwilli nice stake pool.

Can i ask why you have choose an server in germany, when you could operate relays in canada to improve the network stability right where you are?

I hope to see more of your stake pool.

Greetings from germany :wave:t2:

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@nmcwilli welcome and good luck!

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Great question @Jonny22 .

To get that (1) spec of servers, (2) level of service, and (3) due to data transfer requirements, based on our calculations, it would have been much more costly longterm (5-10+ yrs) to host in Azure or AWS Central Region in Canada (or with some of the other large Canadian cloud providers).

In addition, we did not want to host the nodes in anyone’s home (to prevent any possible downtime related to power outages, internet connectivity problems, etc.). So that is out of the question as well.

We will see how the next couple of months goes and then evaluate whether it would make sense to setup a relay node in Canada or not.

Thanks and Cheers,

Thanks for the welcome @ADA4Good . Nice to virtually meet you.

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Ok, thanks for your fast answer.

personally I would welcome it if you would set up some relays in areas where are not so much.
So good luck for the future!

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Edited: Because as of today we have reduced the margin to 0% :grinning: and added extended metadata.

We will plan to keep it at 0% until we reach over 500k ADA staked, upon which we will then adjust it to 1% margin.

Hopefully we can garner a group of delegators that want to support our pool and grow with us!

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