Introducing Amish Pirate Bounty Hunter - 1 [ARRG]

Hi everyone! I’m Peter and I lead the team at Amish Pirate. I’ve been in tech my whole life, starting in the era of bulletin boards in the 80s. Until now, my tech involvement with crypto has been through learning by doing. I’ve set up GPU mining rigs for various chains when I first got involved with blockchain in 2017 to get my feet wet and understand. Probably like most of you, that first impression got me hooked on the future with blockchain.
Ticker: ARRG
Pledge: 5000
Fixed fee: 340 (the minimum)
Variable Fee: 0%
Twitter: @TheAmishPirate
Email: info (a)
Pool ID: 2c0ec3ddbf0826eea45476221bd04becabb7ee6ab67bf4a2a2ebb6ee
Location: cloud datacenter in Germany
Pool infrastructure: The pool is running with two relays and the block producer. Each are running with 8vCPU at 16GB RAM on Ubuntu v20.04 x64.
Why us?
Well, it’s all about community, the smallest unit being family and close friends. Awareness starts first with your inner circle. What better way to bring awareness than to have a stake in something bigger and be able to tell your story with everyone around you? That’s what we’re setting out to achieve with Amish Pirate.
This pool is the launching point for a family run business. As the captain of Amish Pirate, I’ll be bringing family members on board that are still students. Their eagerness to learn lends itself to foster the next generation of not just crypto enthusiasts, but, dare I say, geeks that are needed to run not just this node but to secure and enhance the network well into the future. We’re building for the future, slow, steady, and securely, just as it is the ethos of Cardano.