Introducing [LAMP]

Hi all,
I’m Chris creator of the 3D printed 3-sided cryptocurrency themed LED lamp :bulb:. I am a system engineer (15y+) and cryptocurrency enthusiast from Switzerland. Technology fascinates me in general and over the past years I did a bunch of electronics and software development projects and more recently I’m also into 3D modeling and 3D printing. I’m supporting decentralization and contributing to the cryptocurrency community since ~2012. I wrote the first near real-time bitcoin trading on android app in the world (mtgox times).

  • Ticker: LAMP
  • Pledge: 170.4k
  • Fixed/Fees: 340ADA / 2.0%
  • Website:
  • Contact:
  • Pool ID: ed971f72aa9a7282263d5b3588e3556f7cd774a81acb691ba713a450
  • Location: Switzerland, Rieden
  • Pool infrastructure: Two Proxmox Server with Ryzen 9 3900x, 128GB RAM, NVMe disks, Replicated VMs for Relay and Producer nodes, USV, daily offsite backup for config and data, system and performance monitoring with icinga2, collectd, graphite and grafana. All VMs running Ubuntu 20
  • Operator experience: 15y+ in IT as system engineer and devops
  • Reasons to stake with me: Fees are not only used for stake pool operation, but also to scale up my side project the bitlamp production, so everyone can get one of these nice Bitlamps and spread the word of Cardano and cryptocurrencies.
  • Version: 1.24.2


:bulb:More infos on :bulb:

Beginning of 2021 I’ll be migrating from hosting in homelab to my own small data center, which is currently getting prepared with additional electrical lines and fiber connection. This includes different services I’m providing for customers. Since I’m used to maintain systems, I I’ll treat the relay node and block producer with same high standard as I treat all my customers.

As a small Cardano stake pool operator I’m happy for any delegators I can get and hopefully we can soon produce a first block together.


Increased Pledge to 333k ADA