Introducing Cardanesia [ADI]

Hi, my name is Fuadiansyah. I am from Indonesia and have been a fan of this project since the last bull run of 2017. I believe currently Cardanesia is the first stake pool based in Indonesia. That is also the reason I want to operate a stake pool, to support the decentralization vision of Cardano, especially from a geographical standpoint.

  • Cardanesia
  • Ticker / pledge / fixed fee / variable fee ( ADI / 50k / 340 / 2%)
  • Website
  • Contact
  • Pool ID / hash 0a423fa44f23b13cba59474427d11746136672af66b2d80b4499dd1d
  • Location Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Pool infrastructure We run dedicated AWS and Google Cloud server located in Jakarta, Singapore, and USA. One core node and two relays each running on 2 core CPU, 8 Gb RAM, and 60 Gb SSD.
  • Pool redundancy We use Prometheus and Grafana monitoring software to constantly monitor our nodes ( Some alarm and alert systems take place should any undesired behavior happen, so we can act asap to take it back to normal.
  • Operator experience Operational knowledge of how to set up, run and maintain a Cardano node continuously and commitment to maintaining our node 24/7/365.
  • Why should users check out your pool? We believe in the vision of Cardano to be a world financial operating system and we are here to support that vision until it becomes reality. That is the philosophical reason I build this pool. In case the public wants to monitor the state of our pool anywhere, you can check it out at


At this moment, we already have 289k delegation to Cardanesia.
We thank you and appreciate your support and delegation to our pool.
Every ADA counts and matters.
There is plenty of room to grow, we hope you can support us more by delegating to Cardanesia.
We’ll do our best!

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We have a new 750k ADA delegation.
Current status: We already have 1,1m delegation.
Thank you very much for trusting our pool :pray:

Join our new stake pool telegram group :point_down:

Congratulations, hopefully your pool continues to grow!

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Thank you for your support.
Minted 3 blocks already.
We hope we can grow and continue to support the ecosystem.

If you have any plans to donate a portion of pool fees to charity, please feel free to register your pool at
I’m still building the site, but I hope to help promote pools in the future!

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I have filled the form on the website.
I’ll also help promote it to fellow operators as well.

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Thank you for taking part! Happy to have you!