Introducing DELTA POOL [DELTA]

Welcome to DELTA POOL :love_you_gesture:

We are trying to share and maintain Cardano’s philosophy. It is operated by two Koreans to maintain the server.

Ticker : DELTA
Pledge : 500
Fixed fee : 340 (the minimum)
Variable Fee : 1%
Website :
Email :
Pool ID : a49bc4fe3dbde289bc359a4aa09a40bc140daace4e95abb7a6b2e652
Location : cloud datacenter in Germany

I’m trying to find a delegate, but it’s not easy. We ask for appropriate delegation even for small pools like ours. This is one of the ways that can contribute to the development of Cardano. link

Hi and welcome.

There seems to be some issue with the website, keeps reloading all the time.

Thank you. I fixed it.