Introducing EAGLE pool

Hello All!

We’re a team of developers from Vienna VA who created the EAGLE pool. We’re genuinely interested in helping the Cardano ecosystem grow and looking forward to creating some dApps in the future.

We teamed up with the creators to produce “Pool Peek mobile,” which is a tool that helps you pick a stake pool. It offers a map functionality to browse stake pools and also a “wizard” (like a “quiz”) to walk you through the process of finding a stake pool that meets your needs. It’s available on the Apple AppStore or Google Play.

We’d love it if you staked with us. Here are a few key stats for our pool:

  • We have a 0% variable fee and will leave this fee at 0% until we have at least 5M in stake.
  • The absolute minimum fixed fee possible.
  • We’re a team of developers and DevOps professionals, so we take this seriously.
  • Our pool is AWS-cloud hosted, so we can guarantee uptime and availability.
  • We’re a single pool operator, which helps decentalization.
  • A portion of our earnings go to World Vision to fight hunger in Africa
  • Earnings from our pool will go towards bringing on additional staff to help grow the ecosystem.

Please checkout pool peek or hit us up on Twitter (M1Crypto1).

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oh, you made the poolpeek app. Thats cool!

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