Introducing Evergreen Stake Pool [EGRN1]

Hello fellow members of Cardano community!

My name is Arman, and I am an IT professional with more than 25 years of experience. I have decided to join the Cardano community, and as I have the necessary skills, I also decided to contribute to the project by deploying my first pool – Evergreen Stake Pool.

I am also teaching my son, who just turned 11, about blockchain and how stake pools work. Understanding the difference between Proof of Stake and Proof of Work, and the environmentally friendly nature of Cardano – he was the one who came up with the name Evergreen!

Name: Evergreen Stake Pool

Ticker / Pledge / Fixed fee / Variable fee: EGRN1 / 8k / 340 ADA (Minimum) / 0.75%

Pool ID: pool1vj08te6uceklte43cy6canq7te45qjmmm0dhewy0kvstyjmgqzt

Location: Potomac, MD, USA



Pool infrastructure: I decided to go with brand new bare-metal Dell machines, rather than AWS cloud – to contribute to true decentralization. Relay and Block Producer machines have Intel Core i5-10500T (6 Cores, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD), micro configuration consuming only 65W of power. Each machine, firewall and fiber optic router have its own dedicated UPS, and there is also a gas-powered backup generator that can be used for extended outages if ever needed. The network is running on a dedicated Fiber Optic link with 300 MBps bandwidth.

Operator experience: I am an experienced developer and IT expert, currently based in Maryland, USA. I have the skills, tools, and experience needed to reliably run Cardano nodes 24/7. I am responsible for running software-as-a-service mission-critical platforms for my clients in the US, Canada and Sweden and I am proud of rock-solid performance and 100% uptime. I can provide additional information and references, if needed.

Why should users check out EGRN1? Pool is running on dedicated hardware infrastructure, which is highly efficient, future-proof and environmentally friendly - consuming only 65W per machine. The pool is utilizing high speed Fiber Optic network and is run by an experienced operator. I am just getting started on my journey with Cardano, and look forward earning trust of my delegates, as well as promoting education and awareness of blockchain technology in general and Cardano in particular. I thank you in advance for your trust, confidence, and support.


Welcome @arman.d and good luck!

Thank you very much @ADA4Good!

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