Introducing Honest Pool [HP1]

Hello my greedy brethren!

I’m Daniel, the nerd who runs Honest Pool (previously Radiant Pool [RAD])

Ticker: HP1
Pledge: 500k
Live Stake: 2.97M
Fees: 340, 0% (until 50% saturation)

Pool ID: 3b3cb5614fc76ce5e8a59e92bc4724b6697bc9b213b299330f4b818f

5 Bare Metal Hetzner NVME Servers in Germany and Finland.
3 Digital Ocean NVME Servers in New York and San Francisco.

Main and Auto-Failover Backup Block Producers.
6 Relays for speed and redundancy.
Auto daily server maintenance in between scheduled slot times.

I started this pool because I’m a control freak and wanted to make sure I had something super reliable without worrying about vetting the other pools.

The current pledge and stake (2.97M) are mine.

The staking calculator said I could make higher returns if I convinced other delegators to join the pool, so here I am.

The pool has 5 blocks already, and will have many many more.

I’m in this for the long haul and am planning on running the pool for at least 5 years (unless there is a better opportunity somewhere else of course).

For more honesty and details, please visit

Questions can also be sent to

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