Introducing Indonesia Crypto Network Pool [icryp]

My name is Dan, I and my friend are the creator of ICRYP Stake Pool
I’m a crypto enthusiast, I like new things, advance tech, and read.
Here’s my Pool’s detail:

Name: Icryp Network
Ticker: ICRYP
Pool Pledge: 30k
Pool Margin: 3%
Pool ID: 2671702f26f947ecc114861c4983bfdc8616d3fa2bace18dd4a91e65

Equipment and Facility
Node: Bare metal server IBM X3650 with dual Xeon Quadcore CPU, 32GB RAM, 256GB SSD
Relay: VPS, 2CPU, 4GB RAM, 50GB SSD

All are host in Tier 3 Certified Data Center in Jakarta, Indonesia. With 500Mbps bandwidth.

Telegram: @icrypnet
Twitter: @icrypnet

Looking forward to hear from you

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We just update our pool.
We are now increasing our Pool Pledge to 50k
Reducing our Pool Margin to 0%
And increasing our fee to 400 ADA

Yes, we are zero percent pool.

We update our pool margin and fee due to Cardano Foundation delegation methodology.
Then we going to our basic setup.
Pool Margin: 3%
Fee: 340 ADA

And we also add one more relay, So now we have 2 relay to backup our node. Both are in Indonesia.

We looking forward to serve you.
Thank you

I just want to thank you guys and all Cardano community and especially Cardano foundation that help me to achieve 100 block.
Without you, this will not happen.IMG_20210326_234429


Congrats Dan! For your 100th block! :smile: :beer:

Keep up the good work :raised_hands:t2:

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Thank you Andreas…

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