Introducing Indonesia Crypto Network Pool [icryp]

My name is Dan, I and my friend are the creator of ICRYP Stake Pool
I’m a crypto enthusiast, I like new things, advance tech, and read.
Here’s my Pool’s detail:

Name: Icryp Network
Ticker: ICRYP
Pool Pledge: 30k
Pool Margin: 3%
Pool ID: 2671702f26f947ecc114861c4983bfdc8616d3fa2bace18dd4a91e65

Equipment and Facility
Node: Bare metal server IBM X3650 with dual Xeon Quadcore CPU, 32GB RAM, 256GB SSD
Relay: VPS, 2CPU, 4GB RAM, 50GB SSD

All are host in Tier 3 Certified Data Center in Jakarta, Indonesia. With 500Mbps bandwidth.

Telegram: @icrypnet
Twitter: @icrypnet

Looking forward to hear from you

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We just update our pool.
We are now increasing our Pool Pledge to 50k
Reducing our Pool Margin to 0%
And increasing our fee to 400 ADA

Yes, we are zero percent pool.