Introducing ItefixNet Pool [ITFX]

Hi all,

Greetings from - a small consulting and software company based in Oslo, Norway. We deliver our services and products to a global set of customers since 2002.

We aim to strengthen Cardano’s decentralized ecosystem by contributing a stable and cost-effective single pool with a long-term perspective. We were lucky and minted already our first block :slight_smile:

:shamrock: We pledge that 180 ₳ of our fixed earnings will be given back to our delegators via a raffle. Five equal winners. One ticket one delegator. :shamrock:

ITFX has 3 distributed relays and 1 block producer, running on our dedicated and fault-tolerant infrastructure located at central datacenters with high-speed networks, operated by us.

Our Pool:

  • Ticker: ITFX
  • Pledge: 25.7k ADA
  • Fixed Fee: 340 ADA (of 180 are channeled back to delegators via a raffle)
  • Variable Fee: 1%
  • Pool ID: [1pcyjd40wegzvzkhvmfrylzsg43h962f2zvgcpg9hc26826wefsn ]

Our Contacts

Kind regards
Itefix team