Introducing JED - Low power staking pool


Just starting the staking pool [JED], running on low powered server’s. Using Raspberry PI 4’s for this.

A bit about myself. I’m a software developer working in Brisbane, Australia for an financial services company.

I believe that for crypo to be successful, it needs to be environmentally friendly, so I’m starting my pool using low powered servers, running on Raspberry PI’s. They will be powered by solar during the day.

The pool
Ticker: [JED]
ID: df2c28671a7d2e9b29703547533543926445f3a70f119a07af41d434
Pledge: 1.7k ADA
Fixed costs: 340 ADA (minimum)
Variable costs: 1.5%

1 core node and 1 relay, running on Raspberry PI 4 4G.
Starting small.

Added another relay and upgraded Raspberry PI’s to 8g version for both relay 1 and node. VPS Relay 2 running in Germany.

What are you going to do with your 4gig raspberry pi?

Using one to run grafana and prometheus. Probably keep the other as a spare for now.