Introducing Jupiter ADA Pool [JUP]

Hello fellow Cardano fans, investors, contributors

My name is Kavish, operator of Jupiter ADA pool. I have about 10 years to experience in different positions in Software development. Have been following and holding ADA since 2016 and I am a great believer in its future capabilities.

Today my pool minted its first block (Block:4855911 Epoch:225 Slot:49071) and so I am pretty elated. Here’s the introduction to my pool:

  • `Ticker / pledge / fixed fee / variable fee: JUP / 100k / 345 / 2%
  • `Website:
  • `Contact:
  • `Pool ID / hash: 711bb646ad9ec55cd8b0884b27761f7738b4916777ccb7eedc9cad8e
  • `Location: USA - Seattle
  • `Pool infrastructure: Cloud - Ubuntu, 8 core/16 gig nodes.
  • `Operator experience: I have been invested and operated staking/mining pools in multiple cryptos for the last 5 years as a side interest.

I consider Cardano as my core crypto investment and seriously want to make the ADA stake pool as my other source of income, along with providing a reliable/secure staking option to the community.


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