Introducing Lei Hao - Chinese Community Manager @ Cardano Foundation


Last week, we invited our community members to participate in the “The Best Caption Competition” on the Forum, featuring a picture of Duncan Coutts, Head of IOHK Engineering and Lei Hao @cf_lei.hao , our Chinese Community Manager. One of the comments received by us was: “It is exciting to know that there is a Chinese community manager wow.” In this post, we would like to introduce Lei so that our community members can gain a better understanding about the Foundation team and the work we do!


Lei, we would love to hear about the work you do as the Chinese community manager at Cardano Foundation.

My priority is to create more educational opportunities for the Chinese community, helping everyone understand the underlying philosophies, the vision and technological concepts behind Cardano through the conduit of content marketing.

In addition, I am deeply thankful for the active support I receive from the local Chinese Cardano communities towards achieving this goal.

For instance, we are aware of the fact that the majority of our content at the current moment, which includes videos and written explanation about Cardano, are in English. The Chinese community has commenced a “helping each other out” initiative, involving a number of our community members with a broad array of skills and expertise, such as English and computer engineering, translating content into Chinese as volunteers in the process.


We were really pleased to see that, for example, Charles’ recent video update about Cardano, which was translated into Chinese by our community members, has hit as many as 4688 views with 208 shares in just 2 days.

What made you become interested in Cardano?

This is aligned with my Ph.D dissertation, where I examined how various political, social and economic factors could shape or influence the development of decentralised technology.

The Chinese government, for example, has recently supported a $1.6 billion Blockchain fund in order to finance more projects in the cryptocurrency space. This contradicts its decision to ban cryptocurrency trading several months ago. At that time, the government had stated that it views cryptocurrencies as a threat to the central bank. However, the government is currently speerheading efforts to fund local Blockchain projects because it has embraced the technology behind cryptocurrencies.

I was drawn to Cardano because it presented me with a great opportunity to understand how some of the research questions I have tried to address within my dissertation are coming into life through a real Blockchain project.

What is your next step in terms of supporting the Chinese Cardano community?

Given the enormity of China’s size, I hope to see a more localised Cardano community in China. Currently, we have two meetup groups in Hangzhou and Shenzhen. But we hope to establish more of these groups in other big cities, in order to have a truly decentralised local Cardano community within the country.

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Welcome! Looking forward to a growing community in China!