Introducing Level Up! [LvLUp]


Hi, my name is Luc, i am a sysadmin with 15 years experience. I managed Linux servers for a long time and i’m ready to be a bloody good SPO.

My first goal is to learn/share with Cardano community, make blocks and have fun! Community and people first.

Ticker : LvLUp

Pool-ID : 91e34a10c60a797011bdafc723e0b86a2fdecd11731c8c9e403cfe6e

Fee: 0 % until 1M stake.

Website :

Monitoring :

Location : Québec, Canada

Languages : English - Français

Pool-Infrastructure and redundancy : relays and node hosted on Amazon Web service Montréal. Online VM snapshots. DDoS protection, Enhance Firewall and high availability. 99,99% up time.

The pool is running since January and i took a long time to carefully set monitoring tools and recovery mechanisms to be proactive as possible. I also follow best practices guide from CCSPA.

Servers are ready, you can follow activity live.

All rewards will be reinvested in stake pool infrastructure or pledge.

If you have any questions about staking your ADA or how to operate a stake pool, it will be a pleasur to anwser. :slight_smile:



Awesome dashboard, and thanks for pointing out best practices.

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