Introducing on Cardano [LION]

ticker / pledge / fixed fee / var fee ( LION / 100,000 / 340 / 2% )
Website :
Contact: @CardanoYYC,
TG: coming ssssoon.
Meetup: Canadian Cardano Experience (Calgary, AB) | Meetup

Bech32 Pool ID (new format): pool1263z8symvqmmsg876y2lzluv29am2v9fpzka9sf3nrhz7uwlzap
Hash (old format): 56a223c09b6037b820fed115f17f8c517bb530a908add2c13198ee2f

Hi everyone, my name is Derek (KV) of
I am a Certified and Practicing Engineer, MBA and Devout Cardano Enthusiast Since 2009. I have extensive technical and business experience. My latest project was leading Business Development at a prominent A.I. firm.

My experience spans Bitcoin mining(GPU/ASIC), Ethereum Mining(Testnet/mainnet), Dapps creation and and backend Development. I have run local meetups (ETH and CARDANO) for over a decade, and absolutely love this space. I have participated in both EMURGO Haskell and Plutus developer courses. We also hosted Cardano Summit 2022 in Calgary AB.

We are fine running this pool at a loss for the next few years and our group is well financed to push to the end of this decade. We are here to stay.

Baremetal Co-Locations: Calgary, Vancouver, Denver
Extended Global Relays: Montreal Canada, Singapore, Germany
Pool infrastructure: LION is running on our own core infrastructure with an extended global Relay framework.

BlockProducer A: 64 thread AMD threadripper pro 5955wx / 256GB ECC ram |
Intel i9 12 Core, 64GB 5600 RAM sister relays | All systems are supported by UPS plus redundant network links for failover.
BlockProducersX : 2 secret geo locations, can spin up if BP"A" is offline.

Pool redundancy: Pool keys, certificates, topology and config files are stored offline and can be spooled up to our backup server within minutes(even if our team is on vacation!).

Full monitoring is set up with Prometheus/Grafana with alerts sent to mobile should target metrics move out of desired range. We use offline signatures and 2FA for any transactional events.*

Operator experience: Our team has over 50 years in IT/Security/Backend experience…but that does NOT make us Centralized thinkers!

100% of our efforts will be towards both ensuring:

a) our Delegators get maximum rewards
b) pool Security, performance, redundancy, and uptime.
c) continually donate time/money/hardware to contribute to network infrastructure
d) educate and onboard users, devs, creators and inventors!

We build our own hardware, configure our own firewalls and are currently 75% baremetal(BM). We are co-locating more of our purpose built relays to support the network globally, and will be 100% BM, with co-location infrastructure by end of Q4 2023.

We strongly believe in Satoshi user “rights to be anonymous” and “anti-censorship”

We are excited participate in the CARDANO GLOBAL NETWORK to produce our first block in JULY 2023…with your help!!

Go ADAnuts!

Baremetal Global Networks
Challenging 1984, one node at a time.

Special thanks to all the support and help from
Migs [NEXUS] and Alexd1985[CHARITY]
also to [BCSH] and [EDEN] who graciously helped with my earlier Noob questions.

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We’re fellow Cardano pool operators and understand the hard work it takes. Wishing you success in growing and strengthening the network together!

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thank you!!!

we nailed our FIRST block 4 hrs ago!!!

so cool…!

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