Introducing Main Hamburger Pool [MAIN]

Hi, my name is Juanma and I have recently started MAIN Pool in Hamburg, Germany. I intend to compete with other pools but, as I have observed, I might be too late to attract delegators… I came up with an idea to overcome this issue though. The first delegators will be considered as partners, and thus, their proportionate fix cost will be returned to them. DM me for more info.

Ticker / pledge / fixed fee / variable fee: MAIN / 110k / 340 / 1%
( I might increase the pledge but will not increase the margin )

( will be working on this as well :slight_smile: )

Contact: Telegram @Olaizola13

Pool ID / 450e3fa88c42639766d50c012fdfde01c4ad95311c855d852f1677b6

Germany / Hamburg

Pool infrastructure: The reason I can cut on fix costs is the low-cost infrastructure I’m using: 2 Raspberry Pis model 4 (4gb and 6gb). Directly connected to my high speed internet connection I am able to run 4 relays without issues 24/7 with a minimum electric consumption.

Pool redundancy: what better to control your pool that your own hardware, duplicated and at your own house?

Operator experience: I am honestly quite new, have recently overcome the challenges of setting up the pool and now I’m hoping to being able to contribute to the community in any possible way.

As I briefly mentioned I think the initial barrier for a stakepool operator is tremendous, it is simply not possible to get millions of ADA staked to your pool. It doesn’t get any better in terms of infrastructure, my fix cost is minimum and thus I’m giving the best deal for early delegators to become partners and pay minimum costs. I hope I have catched your attention with this :wink:

Hi Juanma,

Great idea to help establish your pool and a good example of just thinking a bit differently to get the job done.
Your post and explanation of how and what you’ve done is also very good to help people connect with you.

Don’t know if you’ve already done this elsewhere, but one suggestion that may help to establish staking to your pool :- Provide a couple of examples of what your offer looks like for a potential new delegator e.g. New delegator with say 1000 ADA /10,000 ADA /100,000 ADA etc. what the likely rewards will be (it’s probably ok to use average figures until your established) and how the fix cost return works for them.

All the best

Very interesting introduction! How has the rockpi experience been so far?

Hi stakingforgood,

The HW that I currently use is ARM (Raspberry pi). Although the code is not optimized it is possible to compile and run without excessive issues, I tell you my experience so far.

I have to say that in the previous versions it was a little bit complicated, up to 1.18 the code presented some errors when compiling (sometimes).

Moreover, sync. a the full chain requires high CPU usage which, in terms of the raspberry, it means that it will freeze and you have to restart several times… The solution to it is just simply start with a node outside of the pi’s, sync up to last epoch and then copy the db back. That way you only need to sync the latest slots and there’s no further issues with that.

As I mention, ARM architectures are quite good in terms of power consumption and that is why I decided to go for it.

Hi MachTwo,

Thank you for you idea, I think it is very constructive and indeed helps understanding what I offer and at the same look quite attractive.

I have updated my pool info and plan to update the metadata to include this in a simple manner.