Introducing Major Pool [MAJOR]

Hello to everybody in the Cardano community!

We are Edmond and Bit, two developers located in the US who have been friends since 2004. We heavily believe in Cardano and are excited to announce our pool. We wanted to launch a pool to support the network becoming 100% decentralized and be up and running for when Goguen launches.

We donate to a new charity each month. As the pool grows in delegation so will the amount we donate. You can see which charities and non-profits we donate to at Major Pool - A Cardano Stake Pool

Full list of charities we have lined up for the first 12 months is:

Month 1 = The Electronic Frontier Foundation
Month 2 = The Tor Project
Month 3 = Computer Aid
Month 4 = The National Center for Transgender Equality
Month 5 = 100 Black Men of America
Month 6 = The Mars Society
Month 7 = National Cancer Institute
Month 8 = Erowid
Month 9 = Wikipedia
Month 10 = The Internet Archive
Month 11 = The Planetary Society
Month 12 = Girls Who Code

The Major Pool [Ticker MAJOR ] runs on servers located in the US :us: (node), Canada :canada: (relay), and Germany :de: (relay).

We are committed to keeping the minimum fixed fee and a very reasonable 2% fee rate.

Twitter: MajorPool1
reddit: MajorPool_

Pool id: a37460a9b761e67b18f0262ad18f80263f6b6d143c33a9873965ecd3
Find us on ADAPools and PoolTool, search for MAJOR ticker!


A small but big update.

Since launch we have learned so much.

Today we just minted our first block. A big thank you to all of our current delegators! Here is to many more!

Big shout out to Alex from CHRTY for all of his technical help as well <3

We added a bunch of neat tools on our website too,

We just launched our realtime Cardano metrics website,

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We recently started a giveaway in order to attract some new delegation :slight_smile:

We recently launched a realtime Alerts website,

You can receive push notifications when a pool gets a new delegator, grows in active stake, mints a new block, is near over saturation, updates its pledge, and much more.

Also price alerts when ADA moves up or down in price.