Introducing [MDFKA] m₳D₳fakka

Hello Friends,

I would like to introduce our new pool m₳D₳fakka [MDFKA]. It’s a low fee (1.25%, 340 fixed) pool maintained by me and another Swedish programmer, together with a marketing guy. On the dev side we each have a background of 7+ years in tech along with experience in IT security - and we hope to offer a secure and reliable service as well as support and technical help for other aspiring stake pool operators in the community.

Without saying too much the pool is run on DigitalOcean servers, topology is updated, keys are air gapped, 10k in pledge, starting on epoch 250.

We’ve got a few first stakers but there is plenty of room for more* so hit me up with questions or just search for the ticker on pooltool. Feel free to ask me if there is anything else you want to know, otherwise I hope to see you around in the forum.


*we got up to around 250k+ in stake some days ago but it seems like someone got paper hands on the crash (understandable :money_with_wings: ) so it is now a bit lower


Welcome aboard!

Let the blocks come to you :blush:


Thank you Alex!

I’ve seen you around a lot and you seem like such a helpful guy in this community. Congrats to the delegation program from the foundation, you have really earned it!


Thank u! As my profile says… I’m just a regular guy :slight_smile:

I lol’ed at the paper hands comment.


I’m putting together a server hardening guide for the community - this isn’t yet Cardano specific, but best practices for anything sitting online.

I’m sure you have things pretty dialed in but invade there is 1 or 2 helpful tips in there I’ll share it - Beginners Guide to Securing a Linux Server – Riyad Kalla

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And thanks for sharing your guide, nice work. It has a really light tone and you have found a way to make things look easy while still explaining why it’s important. A good complement to the set-up-a-node-guides! :relaxed:

Happy news! Seems like your well-wishes were working Alex, because we seem to have minted our first ever block this night (Swedish time). Amazing to see that everything is up and working.


Hi guys,

Im the second technical operator of the pool! Took the opportunity to introduce myself here as well, as it seems yesterday we minted our second block! Really cool to see everything working.

I’ll try to contribute to the community by helping out in the forums. You’ve set a really high standard here @Alexd1985, so I’ll simply try to follow in your footsteps :slight_smile:

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Thank you and congrats for the 2nd block!