Introducing MTL Mistral Team Pool

Hi from Mistral Team.

After the last 6 weeks and finally getting our head around all the protocols and different apps/tools,

Our main company is based in Romania and we are a Global Cloud Computing company, We offer organisations AWS / Azure services with great support to ensure uptime is at the maximum.

Our goal and reason for the MTL stake pool was team project as we have a few employees who currently hold ADA and believe in the future of ADA, So we thought it was a great idea and team building exercise to run with this opportunity.

Mistral stake pool TICKER : MTL

Margin :1% which is shared with our employees who are our current delegators.

Current Live Stake : 479k

2 Relays based in different locations in Australia and our main BP is based on AWS.

We love the idea of decentralisation and building every day applications that will be able to help stabilise the future of cloud computing security.

Delegator goal is 1.2m ADA which theoretically should allow us to make 1 block each epoch.

We look forward to any feed back or questions.

Thanks for all the help and answers throughout this forum.

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