Introducing Munich Metal

Hey everybody!

Although intended as a German speaking Pool I thought I’d do the introduction over here in English.

My name is Alex and I want to introduce to you my stake Pool „Munich Metal“, ticker is „MUC“ (just like the airport :wink: )

I‘m based in Munich, Germany and I’m a full time Linux system administrator.
My goal is to provide value to local creators as to how they can benefit as well from new tech like blockchains, crypto currencies and technology as a whole.

Reliability and transparency.

Those three words are the main pillars / corner stones of how I want to run my pool.
Let me tell you real quick what I mean by that:

Implementing concepts from Googles Site Reliability Engineering, best pratices from my full time job as well as putting security first I try to keep the reliability high and therefore achieve high desirability by the protocoll and by my delegators.

I’m not going to lie - getting delegators is obviously the main goal.
Starting with 0 delegations or just from a friend, getting higher in the ranks is very difficult (if you don‘t have 50k€ to spend on a side project).

When I started out in Cardano I was overwhelmed by the amout of pools. The ones I did delegate to where the ones which provided some sort of identity, trust and knowing the person behind the pool.

So that‘s what I try to provide. A glimpse into who I am and where I am in the process. Hopefully providing value along the way.

Here’s the overview:

Munich Metal
Ticker: MUC
Pool ID: pool1gvr5c6ctkvk7qkgsqd6nu6d9etmt70n0kph4lmv0kq0hsmhqcd4
Margin: 1%
Fixed Ops Fee: 340 ADA

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out. This project is my new little treasure and I’m more than happy to talk about.
Either here or in various social media platforms - my handle is always @ruttkowa

Cheers from Munich,


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