Introducing my Stake Pool [SIMON]

Hello my friends, I finally got my Stakepool up and running and I’m so happy I can be part of this revolutionary invention named Cardano!

I’m rebellious against the current monetary system since many years and my real hope is, that decentralized systems can make the world a better place without concentration of power and enslavement of the people!

The Cardano community was incredibly supporting and helpful! Thanks for that! Special thanks to ADAFrog for his help and Coincashew for their Guide and of course thanks to the people on Telegram who always help even when its a stupid question!

I really enjoy beeing part of this revolutionary system and I can guarantee you, Simon’s Pool will be there from now on till forever :slight_smile:

Thanks guys, BRGDS

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Good luck with your pool! I hope you’re a success!

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thank you so much :slightly_smiling_face:

Please take a look at my site…
It is still a work in progress but it is intended to be a directory for pools donating a percentage of pool fees to charitable organizations

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will keep that definitely in mind! :+1: that’s a great idea!

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