Introducing MYTH Pool [MYTH]

Hi folks,
I am Dao Lam - a software developer in London, UK.

I have been keen to Cardano system since mainnet release in Byron phase, and now It’s so exciting to have another big milestone with Shelley phase fully delivered.

My journey has started since last year with a good experiment with Incentivized Testnet. And now, we carry on it into Shelley mainnet.

Here is my pool information:
Ticker : MYTH
Homepage :
Pool ID : 738f01580da6cdd97e844fb104a62f87296545056d955985d6604e36
Pool margin : 1%
Minimum Fixed Fee

At the moment, there are 15 delegators staying with us with around 1.5m staking ADA.
We are calling for staking ADA and thank for all who are reading my note as well as who will be delegating to MYTH.

You can find me straightforward on Twitter or Telegram

Have a good day, my friends!