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Greeting, everyone!

My name is Dustin, I’m 41 years old, and I’m from the State of Arkansas in the south region of The United States. I am married with a beautiful wife and two amazing daughters. Allow me to jump around a bit: As I look back at the last 40 years of fun and adventure, I realize that my impact on this planet had a minimal scatter zone. I’ve toured the world as a guitarist in a semi-famous punk rock band for years and thought that was my purpose. I soon realized that my purpose had always been to support and further the human condition while inspiring individuals. After leaving the band, first came a family, and then came Cardano. I entered the space knowing that this would be the future of possibilities, and the playground of many people smarter than me. While I don’t know people in the playground, and I don’t even know what I’d be good at playing – I love it here. I come every day through many different portals to sit, watch, interact, and exist in this space. It’s kind of funny if you think of me more as the waterboy for Cardano. I know I can’t play the game like the Jordan’s and the Bird’s of the space, but I want to support the play. I want to come and do my part to see Cardano succeed. So, I founded a Cardano pool with a guy named Steve, who is now the Operator. He can brew any beer in existence and make it taste better. When we talk, it feels like he’s always giving you intel from the CIA. Again, another person smarter than me. He protects one of the biggest companies in the world from cyber criminals. Behind him are three other guys named Brett, Jordon, and David. I run a company with those three guys in the dental world. We’ll do introductions another time, on another forum, to spare the reader.

Ticker: NSPYR / Pledge: 150k / Fixed Fee: 340 / Variable Fee: 4%




Pool ID: pool1gha260s6hx855p49fc735w78p0kcp4hyxl8glymp5k5muk9jkgm

Location: Arkansas, United States

Pool Infrastructure: Reliably and securely deploying NSPYR pool to Droplets in DigitalOcean VPS. Optimized for performance and security.

NSPYR (pronounced: Inspire) and the partnership with Love146.
We know that child trafficking is not a new phenomenon – but caring about it is. As a parent, I also know that our first responsibility is to keep our children safe. The threat of child trafficking is on the rise, and more often I hear stories from friends and families of how they were almost abducted. Just a week ago, a student in my mom’s class had to quit her job at the mall because her friend was almost abducted while she was leaving work. This isn’t the hillbilly type of abduction you see in horror films, but actually worse and more common. Children are being taken from playgrounds, streets, homes, and public places to be sold in human trafficking rings. It is estimated that over 5 million children are trafficked every year, and the problem is a global issue which impacts every community in the world. The highest areas of child trafficking are in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Europe, and the United States. There is one organization that helps in almost every way possible to see that we fight back and do our part to end child trafficking. That organization is Love146. A portion of our pool operator rewards are sent directly to at the end of every quarter.

We have also built a website to help people buy/sell/store ADA, and are working on common tutorials to put into the space as well. We have an action plan for focusing on Catalyst and how we will educate more people about the projects being voted on there.

You can monitor us here: [NSPYR] NSPYR POOL | Cardano Staking

We know that we need 2-3mil ADA staked until we can consistently serve our delegators by sufficiently producing blocks. This has been echoed in many threads on this forum, and we are not close to that threshold - yet. For that reason, we ask for your support in building our small stake.


Welcome and good luck with your pool @CaptainCardano

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